Friday, 13 January 2012

Forthcoming: The Dirty Three ‘Toward The Low Sun’

What: Toward The Low Sun by The Dirty Three.
When: February 24 via Anchor & Hope/Remote Control.
Key notes: First album for the Melbourne-Paris-Brooklyn trio (Warren Ellis, Jim White and Mick Turner) since 2005's Cinder. Produced by Casey Rice and Dirty Three. Recorded in Melbourne at Head Gap studios and mixed at Sing Sing. Warren Ellis: “Dirty Three has always been about the way we play together and feed off each other. We wanted this one to be a return to the more improvised and instinctive approach of the earlier recordings.”
From the presser: “The album is not a cosy, nice-to-be-back, return to the comfort zone however. There is an energy and a raw excitement evident from the first electrifying opening moments through to the album’s finale.”
Furnace Skies
Sometimes I Forget You've Gone
Moon on the Land
Rising Below
The Pier
Rain Song
That Was Was
Ashen Snow
You Greet Her Ghost

Saves the Day

Life has its share of ups and downs and no one knows that better than SAVES THE DAY frontman Chris Conley. For the past seventeen years Conley has been bearing his soul and reinventing his musical identity with each successive step, a process that is clearly culminating with SAVES THE DAY's seventh full-length Daybreak. The third part of a trilogy that also includes 2006’s Sound The Alarm and 2007’s Under The Boards, the act’s latest disc sees Conley moving past the anger and frustration that has defined the band’s last two albums and rediscovering a sense of wonder with the world that he can’t wait to share with his listeners.

Daybreak is also the first SAVES THE DAY album to feature guitarist Arun Bali, bassist Rodrigo Palma and drummer Spencer Peterson (the latter of whom was replaced by Claudio Rivera shortly after the album was completed) and Conley insists that his band’s participation and encouragement was integral to the final product.
That transformed spirit is evident in every note of Daybreak (which was co-produced by the band and longtime collaborator Marc Hudson) from the ten-minute long, five-movement self-titled opener to instantly infectious pop gems like “Let It Go” and “Living Without Love.” That said, Daybreak also sees the band stretching out musically on the middle-eastern-inflected “Chameleon” and incorporating full-fledged guitar solos on “Deranged & Desperate.”

Conley’s positive outlook took a dejected turn shortly after In Reverie’s touring cycle ended, due to both external and internal pressures—and the making of this trilogy is as much an artistic statement as it is a chronicle of Conley’s own cathartic journey from the depths of his own insecurity into accepting himself and the world for what they are.  This therapeutic journey is evident on every song on Daybreak, mostly literally on tracks like “1984,” which starts with the Under The Boards-esque statement “I’m dead inside and dying every day,” but quickly resolves into “I need your love/I’m trying to rise above/I need you to bring me back to life,” during the song’s chorus.

Whether you’ve followed his music since SAVES THE DAY’s hardcore-inflected ‘90s output or are a recent convert to the band, you’ll still be able to enjoy the album as a singular statement on what it means to let go. “This feels like I’ve wrapped up a chapter in my life and now I’m faced with a new beginning,” Conley says. “I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited about the future of this band.”
SAVES THE DAY'S album 'Daybreak' is out now on 3Wise/Sony.


Web Sheriff has helped everyone from Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson and on his way to Sydney

Just like the Wild Wild West the internet needs a good sheriff to enforce the law.
In the world of the web, there is only ONE aka John Giacobbi!

Web Sheriff, founded 11 years ago in the pioneering days of the internet, by veteran intellectual property
lawyer, John Giacobbi has emerged as a leading advocate of the soft sell representing artists including
Michael Jackson, Prince, Bob Dylan, Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Lady Gaga, Adele and many more.
Web Sheriff is the premier digital rights management and brand protection service for the music industry,
helping artists and labels across the globe. Web Sheriff stops online album leaks using a ‘gentle’ approach
that ‘engages’ fans to help prevent distribution of copyrighted material. Giacobbi’s preferred strategy is to
persuade rather than prosecute, to educate rather than incarcerate.

He strives to avoid cease-and-desist
orders, fines and criminal prosecutions and seeks to differentiate between professional music thieves and
those he regards as hyper-enthusiastic fans.

"The only thing most fans are guilty of is over-exuberance," Giacobbi said in a recent interview. "When
you've got some artist they love and have been waiting for a new album for two years, you've got to treat
them with respect rather than hit them with the big stick -- it's a better way of doing it. Generally speaking
it's impossible to put the genie 100% back into the bottle, but you can contain it to a significant degree."
The notable successes for the velvet glove approach include Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way," which crashed
through the million-sales barrier in its first week, Adele's "21," the No. 1 record in the country for nine weeks and Taylor Swift's "Speak Now," a mega-seller last fall.

While music has been the company’s bedrock, Web Sheriff has made increasing inroads into a variety of
markets: film and television, book and newspaper publishing, sports, on-line libel protection and stock
market share price protection, are all areas to have benefitted from Web Sheriff’s unique approach to online
rights management. The range of its applications is such that the company has also been
commissioned by news media in libel protection and to close-down sites that even the police can’t shut,
such as extreme-violence porn sites and terrorist related web-sites.

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment present: Combichrist

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment present:
Making Monsters
2012 Australian Tour

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment present the masters of metal laden, industrial aggression, Combichrist on their Making Monsters 2012 Australian Tour. 

Across the course of their five infamous albums including the recent smash hit 'Making Monsters', Andy LaPlagua (Icon Of Coil) and his band of miscreants, Combichrist have redefined the sound of modern industrial music. Their uncompromising blend of vocal aggression, metal guitar filth and brutal synth manipulation, have seen them touring extensively with the likes of Rammstein, faithful fans the world over have been drawn to the band's floor-shattering beats and power noise electronics!

With their latest album 'Making Monsters', LaPlegua and Combichrist have developed into a leaner, more aggressive beast. The album kicks off with a hauntingly atmospheric instrumental “Declamation,” setting the tone for what is to follow: dark, stabbing synths; heavy, robotic beats; and swarming, buzz saw-style guitar sounds. Songs such as “Follow the Trail of Blood” (featuring Brendan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through) are baretoothed aggression; meanwhile the floor-stomping first single “Never Surrender” proves to be aggressively catchy, with its metronome-tight rhythm through the verses giving way to explosive choruses that are bound to pack dance floors.

Though the moods displayed in 'Making Monsters' are decidedly sinister, LaPlegua manages to portray these emotions in many different guises. Laden with hook heavy choruses, speaker-crushing beats, and LaPlegua’s trademark dark, aggressive vocals, this is an album that exudes honesty and the darkness that often comes with it.  As Australian audiences are soon again to witness- Combichrist are THE unrelenting, malevolent force in modern industrial music.

Making Monsters
2012 Australian Tour
Tickets Onsale Friday Dec 2nd

11.01.12        Adelaide. Fowlers
Tickets available from or

12.01.12        Melbourne. HiFi
Tickets available from (1300-THEHIFI)

13.01.12        Sydney. Manning Bar
Tickets available from and

14.01.12        Brisbane.    HiFi
Tickets available from (1300-THEHIFI)

15. 01.12       Perth.    Amplifier/Capital
Tickets available from: and

For more information, images, interviews, media guest lists contact:

George Hatzigeorgiou
Riot House Publicity
0405 343 041

Sydney Harbour Bridge Closed for Up to Three Weekends in January

People planning weekend visits to Sydney in January are being encouraged to plan ahead as the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be closed for essential work.

The Bridge will be closed for up to three weekends to allow for resurfacing of the span and approaches.

“This is the first time such lengthy closures have been required on the Bridge and we know it will impact people visiting the city,” Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Director of Network Services Mike Veysey said.

“We are encouraging people who need to get to the city on the weekends affected to catch the train if possible.

“The Bridge turns 80 in March and this is the first time such extensive work has been carried out on the road surface since it was opened.

“The work is critical to ensure we can lay a waterproof membrane under a new asphalt surface which will not only promote longevity of the bridge deck but provide a smoother ride for motorists.”

The $3.5 million project will be carried out on 13-16, 20-23 and possibly 27-30 January with closures in place from 10pm Friday to 5am Monday.

Bus and rail services will continue to operate, with extra services provided to accommodate people who would usually drive.

“The bus lane will be open so buses, taxis, hire cars and motorbikes can still use the bridge, however delays can be expected,” he said.

“Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained and emergency services will be able to get through if required.”

The work is planned to be carried out during the first two weekends, with the third a contingency in case of poor weather.

“The resurfacing work will include laying a waterproofing layer to protect the Bridge from corrosion,” Mr Veysey said.

“Some of this waterproofing will take several hours to apply and dry so favourable conditions are required.

“While intermittent rain won’t affect the work going ahead, if the forecast is for a prolonged downpour, we will need to look at postponing the work to our contingency weekend.

“We don’t see there will be a problem as January is traditionally warmer but we have an extra weekend in place just in case.”

Mr Veysey said alternative routes across the harbour are being advertised with additional clearways in place in and around the city to help with traffic flow.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is expected to be heavily congested during the work.

“The alternative routes to cross the harbour are
King Georges Road
, Ryde Bridge and
Lane Cove Road
; and
Victoria Road
, Gladesville Bridge and
Centennial Avenue
,” Mr Veysey said.

“While traffic volumes in January are generally lower than at other times of the year, on weekends there are still up to 130,000 vehicles using the bridge.

“People who need to get into the city during the closures should leave the car at home and catch a bus or a train.”

Extensive information about alternative routes and clearways will be available in local papers, the internet, via electronic message signs, Live Traffic and private motorway websites.