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Vincent Moon has a Vision

Vincent Moon is the filmmaker behind the acclaimed Take Away Shows, a series of single-take, organic live performances from the likes of R.E.M. and Arcade Fire.
He is now on the road for his latest project of filming musical performances from tribes and small villages all over the world. During his recent visit to Australia, he gets behind the camera and shares his vision with us.

Kylie Minogue tour sells out in 15 minutes; More anti concerts planned for Sydney and Melbourne

Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue has apologised to disappointed fans after tickets to her `anti-tour' sold out in less 15 minutes on Wednesday.

The genius performing artist will play intimate shows at The Palace in Melbourne and Luna Park in Sydney this month to celebrate her 25th anniversary in the music industry. You've probably heard about K-25, or saw fans and dancers wearing t-shirts at Sydney Mardi Gras.

With both venues only having a 2000-seat capacity, tickets were hot hot hot... just like 'Our Kylie'.

Fans were restricted to buying two at a time to help prevent ticket scalping, and fans will match their credit cards up to their ID, in a move expected to just about illuminated undesirables who attempt to profit on the concerts at real fans expense.

There's also a crackdown against pretend fans who try to get items autographed by artists such as Kylie, only to attempt to the items on eBay hours later. Other artists such as KISS have been vocal about the pretend fans, stalkers and those who pester groups for commercial gain.

A statement on Kylie Minogue's official website confirmed the shows have sold out and apologised to the fans who missed out.

"We are sorry to those fans who missed out on tickets and are very grateful for your patience and support," the statement read.

The `anti-tour' has been a long-time ambition of Minogue as a way of reconnecting with fans in a close setting after her recent arena tours.

Stay tuned for more scoops on Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue stands up for fans rights against ticket scalpers; New system...

Kylie Minogue, Australia's favourite music princess at the moment, will battle ticket scalpers with her fan-friendly anti-tour this month.

The Aussie icon is putting her heart and soul into doing the right thing for true fans - not those who try to profit on her hot tickets or are inclined to try to sell anything about her on the likes of eBay...long a haven of scalpers and those who attempt to profit at real fans expense.

The real fans who manage to secure tickets to her intimate show will have their actual name printed on a wristband.

Only two tickets can be purchased for the anti-tour show at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne on March 18.

The wristbands must be collected and signed for by the credit card holder who bought the tickets in the first place.

The developments follow cunning scalping online of tickets for sold out shows by Radiohead and boy band One Direction.

US rock gods, KISS, have also been vocal about fake fans in the past, including those who try to pretend they are fans, aim to get signed autographs of KISS merchandise, later to attempt to sell it on eBay.

A crackdown against "fans" who stalk performing artists is also on the way. Kylie is just one of many Australian artists who have been stalked by undesirables in recent years.

Minogue’s anti-tour, which also plays Sydney’s Luna Park on March 20, is on sale come midday via and

Tickets are $129.60 plus fees and are expected to sell out in a flash.

Unlike Minogue’s usual concerts, the anti-tour will feature only b-sides, demo tracks and rarities in a tactic to please her legions of fans.

There will also be minimal production, with just her British band, who are already in Melbourne rehearsing for the two shows.

Minogue told the press she thought up the anti-tour concept after last year’s multi-million dollar Aphrodite Les Folies spectacular.

"I don't know how I can beat having water fountains, which is madness," Minogue said.

"Some people's favourite tour is still Intimate and Live where we had two penny farthings to put it on. The reason I thought of it was, when you're on the big shows you're obliged to play a stack of hits. How do you go bigger? You don't, you go completely the other direction."

The singer also confessed she will need to refresh her memory to perform numbers she’s never sung live before.

"Oh I'm going to need a lyric stand for sure. I imagine the fans will do homework and know all the lyrics better than I do. That fills me with excitement."

The tour is the latest event in the year that marks Minogue’s 25th anniversary of releasing music.

Kylie is just off performing at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, where she played Horden Pavilion to a packed house of about 5000, and just a sprinkle of media who were lucky enough to photograph the rare performance.

Go girl, and thank you to your wonderful team who have assisted us so much lately. Kylie fever forever.


Kylie Minogue official website

Mardi Gras

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

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Future Music Festival Gets Pure Blonde Dome In Sydney, Australia

The awesome Pure Blonde DOME will be landing at Future Music Festival for the first time and will be will be an oasis at this year’s festival. Featuring a sleek, state-of-the-art fit out with incredible custom-made 2D and 3D moving projections both inside and outside the dome structure, an exclusive live music and DJ line-up, cool air conditioning, premium bar service, and the crisp, pure taste of ice cold Pure Blonde – inside, you’ll truly feel like you’ve landed in a pure party place.

Future Music Festival is almost here and for the first time, the Pure Blonde DOME is headed to this year’s Sydney event.

The Pure Blonde DOME offers a pure VIP experience with cool air conditioning, premium bar service, amazing 2D and 3D moving projections inside and outside the dome structure and the crisp, pure taste of ice cold Pure Blonde. There’s also an exclusive line-up of amazing local and international DJ talent including the UK’s Alex Metric and our very own Anna Lunoe.

To get you all warmed up for Future Music Festival, Pure Blonde is bringing some of its stellar line-up of superstar DJs performing at the festival to Cargo Lounge for one night only along with $5 Pure Blondes on the night.

The Cargo Lounge & Pure Blonde DOME Pre Future Music Festival Party will feature sets by:

One of the Pure Blonde DOME Headliners - Anna Lunoe, arguably the hottest female DJ talent around.

Helena - a female genius that puts the magic where it’s meant to be - in the music!

Ping Pong DJs - if you’re after a bass line that moves your whole body or a rhythm that defies logic, or if you are just out to enjoy yourself, come looking for the Ping Pong DJ's. They'll take you where you need to go.

Supported by Ember - packing more of a punch than Rocky (and that’s the good Rockys 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4) while doing it with the smoothness and charisma of a young George Clooney, Ember doesn’t just rock the spot, he destroys it.

Along with Cargo’s favourite residents DJs Pat Ward and Mr Belvedere who, simply put, will have the crowd fist pumping from start to finish.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger or better Pure Blonde is giving away 2 x VIP Future Music Festivals tickets on the night, so make sure you’re there for a chance to win!

Just a few celebs expected to show at the Sydney event include Nacho Pop, Daniel Clayton and Jay Llyon.

You’ll be able to catch the Pure Blonde DOME at Future Music Festival: Sydney (10th March)


Future Music Festival - Future Entertainment

Future Entertainment

Carlton & United Breweries - Pure Blonde

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Swerve opens the Australian Film Festival at Randwick Ritz, Sydney, Australia

Swerve opened the Australian Film Festival tonight at the fabulous Randwick Ritz cinema in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

The film is enjoying its release in the US and Australia simultaneously, with the aim of getting international traction.

Jump Street Films, with production company Duo Art Productions, will release outback neo-noir film Swerve, written and directed by Craig Lahiff, in the US through Cohen Media Group, the same company that handled Oranges and Sunshine in the US.

It's the 3rd year of the film Aussie fest, and there's a strong line up of films aiming for top honours. From the get go let us tell you that we think Swerve has every chance of picking up a number of film awards. We think that this is one of the better Australian full length films in quite a few years. It may not be as popular as 'Red Dog' was, but give it time. This film will endure and its the sort of flick you will highly recommend to your friends.

In terms of storyline and themes, think 'Lantana' meets 'Underbelly' meets 'Dirty Deeds', with a touch of 'Pulp Fiction' and your on the right track. It's a cool thriller, with a suitable outback Australia flavour, a cunning and tough as nails copper (who happens to be married to a super *itch from hell, who carries lots of personal baggage).

After interviewing Australian actor Roy Billing prior to the screening, we knew the film would be gold. Billing said to the effect of "It was great to work with friends again (Emma Booth and director Craig Lahiff). Don't fall asleep or you will miss my bit (he wasn't kidding). When further probed about what the film was about Billing advised its got shades of Underbelly, crooked cops and sexy bits". Billing also half joked that he came to the premiere as he was the only actor who could make it along. It's understood some of the other actors are working overseas, which is a good thing for the Australian movie industry - the fact that the actors are working.

The pitch...

A suitcase full of money, a woman, two men and a gun; a lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.

Driving cross-country to a job interview, Colin plays it safe when he has car problems and takes a short cut to a one horse town. But as luck would have it, he comes across a fatal road accident. One of the drivers, Jina, is shaken, the other dead and beside him, a briefcase full of money. When Colin resists temptation and does the right thing, turning it into the local cop, his good deed causes a series of fateful events to unfold.

Australian Film Festival VIP guests included Craig Lahiff (director); Roy Billing (actor); Robert Mammone (actor); Axle Whitehead (actor/singer); Casey Burgess (TV Personality), Lauren Brant (TV Personality) and Rob Carlton (comedian).

The verdict on Swerve - big thumbs up mate. 4.5 out of 5 stars (or 4.5 out of 5 bullets if you prefer). Warning - you might be scared to travel to the Australian bush or even drive on long Australian highways after seeing this flick.

A great Australian film that appears destined for strong success. Riveting, scary, part funny and 100% Australian.

The Australian Film Festival’s other major nights include:

· Hail – 7pm Thursday 08 March, Randwick Ritz

· Red Dog (G) for a special free screening under the stars – 7pm Saturday 10 March – Clovelly Beach

· Spot Festival (12pm), Australian Film Walk of Fame (3pm), Short Film Festival (7pm) – Sunday 11    March, Randwick Ritz

· LBF – 7pm Wednesday 14 March, Randwick Ritz

· A Deeper Shade of Blue – 7pm Friday 16 March, Randwick Ritz

· Redd Inc – Premiere feature (7pm) & Closing Night Party (9pm) – Randwick Ritz


Swerve official website

Australian Film Festival

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Eva Rinaldi Photography

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American Reunion Premiere In Melbourne: Australia Loves Latest Pie Flick

Earlier in the week 'American Reunion' enjoyed its Australian premiere in Sin City Sydney - outside the famous Harry's Cafe de Wheels to be precise, and tonight they held their Melbourne Premiere at Hoyts Melbourne Central.

The cast of 'American Reunion' (better known as 'American Pie') walked the red carpet to help promote the Australian release of the latest instalment of their movie.

Some of the Pie cast has been "down under" before. Pie actress Tara Reid has experienced Australia before and got to know Australian advertising industry legend John Singleton quite well a few years ago thanks to Singo's Magic Millions racing carnival on Australia's Gold Coast.

'Pie' stars including Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein and Eugene Levy did the red carpet playing to a large media pack.

'American Reunion' has been described by a number of media agencies and film critics as the "raunchiest" since the the original 1990s flick. Mums and dads.

Public thank you to the great folks at Universal Pictures who were so helpful.

We look forward to our next bit of pie, be it Australian or Americans - whatever comes first.

The tag line is 'Save the best piece for last', and we are tending to agree. Thumbs up.


Over a decade has passed and the gang return to East Great Falls, Michigan, for the weekend. They will discover how their lives have developed as they gather for their high school reunion. How has life treated Michelle, Jim, Heather, Oz, Kevin, Vicky, Finch, Stiffler, and Stiffler's mom? In the summer of 1999, it was four boys on a quest to lose their virginity. Now Kara is a cute high school senior looking for the perfect guy to lose her virginity to.


American Reunion official website

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