Monday, 30 May 2011

Lady Gaga to perform Sydney Town Hall

Lady Gaga to perform Sydney Town Hall

30 May 2011
by Poppy Reid

Lady Gaga is set to turn Sydney Town Hall into Sydney Monster Hall on July 13.

The performance to promote her #1 ARIA album, Born This Way is the first announced of her promised showcases as mentioned by TMN in early May.

Unfortunately, no tickets will be sold as one of the event’s promoters, Channel [V], are holding a competition via Facebook where fans must post a single image “which personifies just how monster they are.” The competition begins on June 8
Although less than 1000 people will get to attend the show, competitions will also be run through FM radio stations, Vodafone, the Today Network and Take 40, beginning this week.

At 8am this morning, Gaga was interviewed by the Today Network and Take 40’s, Kyle and Jackie O. Although 2Day FM hasn’t posted the full interview, they have uploaded few sex tips from the singer to their website. Listen below.

Gaga will be back Down Under early next year for her full Born This Way Ball. The tour will be her first since March 2010.

Gaga Live At Sydney Monster Hall will be presented by Channel [V], 2Day FM, Vodafone All-Time Prepaid and Take 40 and broadcast on Channel [V] Australia.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Vines do Newtown, by Eva Rinaldi - 26th May 2011

The Vines

The Vines, the super popular Australian indie rock band originally formed as Rishikesh in 1994, hit St Stephen’s Church, Newtown in Sydney tonight in what was the latest gig under the branding of Live At The Chapel (and as they like to also be introduced as for promotional purposes...."Russian Standard Vodka").

The popular band plays a musical hybrid of 1960s rock and 1990s alternative music as a general rule.

Showing a rock solid foundation since 2006 their line-up has consisted of vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls, rhythm guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bass guitarist Brad Heald and Hamish Rosser on drums.

Many folks first became aware of the The Vines' success when they picked up an ARIA Award in 2002 for 'Breakthrough Artist – Single' for 'Get Free' and they also snatched five other nominations for their debut album Highly Evolved, plus two further nominations in subsequent years.

Future Primitive will be released next month - 3rd June in Australia with worldwide release dates to be announced soon after we hear.

Their music style can be categorized as alternative/garage rock. Much of the band's early grungy sound waves can be put down to their beginnings as a Nirvana cover.

The release of their debut album saw The Vines getting named as "the second coming of Nirvana" by the British news media. Nicholls' odd like stage behavior, and raw as heck vocals drew comparisons between him and the late Kurt Cobain.

I was pleased to learn about the bands activism involvement. It was back in '06 they they created a decorated heart card to benefit PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The band showed great passion and support towards stopping Canada's seal hunt, as well as getting involved in many community endeavors on the quite.

Back to tonight, show biz and the music industry being what it is, there was a commercial element or three, that was frankly impossible to miss.  For the record, the Russian Vodka girls were delightful and well attired in grey which reminded me somewhat of the Russian Army, sorry but that came immediately to mind. Oh, did we mention that their were gravestones a plenty in the grounds of tonight's gig. You can get that when you have an event such as this in church grounds.

It was a fun night guys and girls, with the only exception being one particular photographer who was rude to others. I forgive them, thinking that they must have too fully embraced the Russian Vodka theme... maybe you need to find yourself an available Russian mail order bride or something fella. Oh, almost forgot, I just loved the taste of that Vodka... can't get enough of it. Will be buying some for my private home collection. Vines Inc, very keen to hear when you've got your Russian tour coming up to.

Overall, great vibe, music and Nicole the publicist was so sweet and switched on. My camera loved the event also, so I'm thinking that if you haven't bought The Vines latest release yet, you soon will after checking out the pickies and having a listen to some of their vibes on their official website or wherever your getting your Vines fix from these days. Rock on and peace to all. Fantasticheskiń≠ (fantastic) for us Aussies.

 The Graveyard

Three Russian Vodka's

Russian Standard Vodka models


Russian Standard Vodka model ready for action on the front line

Russian Standard Vodka models on the couch, with bottles of Vodka of course


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


One of Australia’s greatest rock bands, The Vines, are set to explode onto the stage at the first Live At The Chapel event for 2011, presented by Russian Standard Vodka. Muscling their way back into the spotlight, The Vines will raise the roof of the spectacular St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Newtown on Thursday 26th May.

The Vines are, without doubt, one of the most intriguing acts to come out of Australia in years. They have graced the covers of international music bibles Rolling Stone US and NME and their debut album “Highly Evolved” sold in excess of 2 million copies. Having just released their highly anticipated, raucous new single “Gimme Love” from the forthcoming album “Future Primitive” out 3rd June, The Vines have well and truly returned to the form that shot them to international stardom.
The Vines’ frontman Craig Nicholls said today:
“We’re stoked to play Live At The Chapel, following in the footsteps of some bands that we really admire, like Foo Fighters and Coldplay. Can’t wait to play the new album live!”

One of Australia’s premier live music events, Live At The Chapel, made a triumphant return in 2010 with a new partner, Russian Standard Vodka, and a breathtaking live set from The Temper Trap.
This year Russian Standard Vodka is proud to once again offer fans an opportunity to experience ‘music as it should be’; live, intimate and authentic. There is no better partner for this occasion than Russian Standard Vodka, ‘vodka as it should be.’ Made from the finest ingredients and exclusively distilled and bottled in Russia, Russian Standard Vodka is authentic Russian vodka.
Around the world, music is a major focus for Russian Standard Vodka. Here in Australia, Live At The Chapel offers the complete experience for music lovers to engage with real music and real vodka.

Over the course of seven memorable series, Live At The Chapel has played host to a plethora of local and international stars including Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Jet, Coldplay, John Mayer and Temper Trap. Filmed for TV and online platforms, music fans all over Australia will have the chance to experience this very special live music event featuring The Vines, in what is sure to be one of the most anticipated gigs of the year! Stay tuned for more information on how you can view The Vines rocking Russian Standard Vodka Live at the Chapel via and for details regarding free to air and pay TV broadcast partners.

Russian Standard Vodka Live at the Chapel is offering fans the chance to win tickets to this money-can’t-buy, once-in-a-lifetime concert experience from tomorrow at .

Monday, 23 May 2011

Aus film Oranges and Sunshine Premiere, by Eva Rinaldi

Hugo Weaving and David Wenham

Australian production and Cast from Oranges and Sunshine walk the red carpet in Sydney.

The Jim Loach film, starring Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving and David Wenham, took in £82,922 ($130,839) from 44 screens, giving it an average of £1885 ($2974).
The Sixteen Films/See-Saw Films co-production tells the story of Nottingham social worker Margaret Humphreys who uncovers one of the most significant social scandals in recent time – the deportation of thousands of British children who were sent to Australia.
The story was well unknown for a number of years and has come to life with the film, which saw both Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Gordon Brown apologise to their respective people back in 2009-10.
“I’m hugely proud of Oranges,” begins Sydney-based producer Emile Sherman.
“It just had such authenticity and truth to it and so many really touching moments as well as being about something that needs to be told.
“Having been involved with films from Rabbit Proof Fence to even The King’s Speech, I definitely have an imperative to try and tell stories that are meaningful and need to get out there and Oranges and Sunshine is absolutely one of those.”
Shot in Nottingham and Adelaide (doubling as 1980s Perth), the Icon film will open in Australia on June 9.
The International Association of former Child Migrants and their families embraces "Oranges and Sunshine".
The film tells a remarkable story of courage, hope and second chances.
A film for every Australian. A film about past- the present- the future.
Norman Johnston- President International Association of former Child Migrants and their families (IAFCM&F)

Hugo Weaving, Jim Loach, Margaret Humphreys,
David Wenham

John M.P. Hennessey O.A.M

 Iain Canning
Hugo Weaving
Eva Rinaldi Photography
Harold Haig- Secretary IAFCM&F
TEL: 03 9027 0880

Friday, 20 May 2011


Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter head an all-star cast.

BURBANK, CA - May 18, 2011 - Filming begins this week on Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' "Dark Shadows," which brings the cult classic television series to the big screen under the direction of Tim Burton. The film's all-star ensemble cast includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Chloe Moretz, and newcomer Gulliver McGrath.

In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet—or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine.

The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy...until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green). A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive.

Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better, each harboring their own dark secrets. Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called upon live-in psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), to help with her family troubles.

Also residing in the manor is Elizabeth's ne'er-do-well brother, Roger Collins, (Jonny Lee Miller); her rebellious teenage daughter Carolyn Stoddard (Chloe Moretz); and Roger's precocious 10-year-old son, David Collins (Gulliver McGrath). The mystery extends beyond the family, to caretaker Willie Loomis, played by Jackie Earle Haley, and David's new nanny, Victoria Winters, played by Bella Heathcote.

Burton is directing and producing "Dark Shadows" from a screenplay by Seth Grahame-Smith, story by John August and Grahame-Smith, based on the television series created by Dan Curtis. Also producing are Oscar® winner Richard D. Zanuck ("Alice in Wonderland," "Driving Miss Daisy"), continuing his long association with Burton; Oscar® winner Graham King, ("Rango," "The Departed"), continuing his collaboration with Depp; Johnny Depp, Christi Dembrowski, and David Kennedy. The executive producers are Chris Lebenzon, Nigel Gostelow, Tim Headington, and Bruce Berman.

The behind-the-scenes creative team includes cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel, Oscar(R)-winning production designer Rick Heinrichs ("Sleepy Hollow"), Oscar(R)-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood ("Alice in Wonderland") and editor Chris Lebenzon ("Alice in Wonderland"). The score will be composed by Danny Elfman.

"Dark Shadows" is being filmed entirely in England, both at Pinewood Studios and on location.
"Dark Shadows" will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.
For additional information, please contact:
Jan Craft
(818) 954-2279

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Walking with Dinosaurs attacks Sydney, Australia, by Eva Rinaldi - 18th May 2011

Just minutes ago Sydney based news media was attacked by dinosaurs walking around Acer Arena at Homebush.

Ok, not literally attacked, but you get the picture.

After a gigantic three year tour of North America, the Walking With Dinosaurs Australian tour has finally commenced on Australian soil.

We headed of to Acer Arena, with just a few butterflies in our stomach, not knowing exactly what to expect.  Little did we know the terror that awaited us.

The media sneak peak at these monsters featured 2 mains acts.

There was the the 11 metre x 17 metre Brachiosaurus, and what is being touted as the stars of the show - Baby T Rex and of course her mum, the 7metre x 13metre Mama T Rex.

Suddenly, with little warning the dinosaurs swung into action.  Mama T Rex and Baby T Rex greeted us, followed by a warm interchange between a mum and baby Brachiosaurus.

Since 2007, Australia’s own Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular has been on a record-breaking world tour, where the production has played to 6.5 million people and taken over $350 million at the gate.

Last year, Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular was the #1 worldwide tour - selling over 1.9 million tickets and outranking Bon Jovi, U2 and AC/DC! Further to this phenomenal success BRW Magazine also named the producers of Walking With Dinosaurs, Global Creatures, #1 on their prestigious Top 50 Australian Entertainers List for 2010.

Producer Carmen Pavlovic said: "Walking With Dinosaurs was conceived to create life-sized dinosaurs making the show so immense, that it could only fit in arenas.  The show is a $20 million spectacle of unprecedented size and quality that travels from town to town in a staggering 33 semi-trailers."

We spoke with resident director, Alli Coyne, and how the amazing show is put together: "By the time we finish in New Zealand we would have travelled to 30 countries, 60 cities, most of which I've never been to before either. It has to be very organised. There are 73 of us on tour at the moment. We've had over a hundred at times so the logistics of getting this show - 20 dinosaurs, in 33 containers at the moment, plus a crew of 73 from place to place means that we have to be incredibly organised and well planned in advance. We're on tonight. If you want to come and see us you need to get in quick."

On logistics Ms Coyne adds "Because of the size of the show there's only certain arenas that can take us. There's lot of places that we'ld like to go that we can't go, and also lots of places in the world that we've been to now. Having said that's, there's quite alot of places that we'ld like to go back (too)."

Fans are clamouring from around Australia to see the show, and many travel from interstate to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Ms Coyne shared "We had a lady in on Saturday in Melbourne who had brought her grandson from Perth to see the show, so she'd flown from Perth just literally to see the show. They were staying one night and then they were flying back home again."

Andrew Blackman who plays 'Huxley The Paleontologist' shared his views on both entertaining and educational aspects of the production: "It's a fabulous experience from my particular point of view being down on stage with scale puppets. You've seen yourself, they look incredibly lifelike. How can you get closer than this. Maybe Jurassic Park with DNA and actually creating dinosaurs, but actually being on stage with such lifelike animatronics is absolutely amazing. The dramatic conflict doesn't happen between another human being, it happens between the dinosaurs. My role as 'Huxley The Paleontologist' is really to be excited, involved in what is going on, and to be absolutely blown out by these creatures that actually did live. There's a journey through the lives of dinosaurs. 170 million years and the early stages of the earth, so there's elements of documentary expertly told by Huxley, but at the same time when dinosaurs appear that's that feeling of wonder and awe, and excitement of there they are, and when there's conflict and the carnivores are chasing the herbivores, real excitement and danger. It brings out the big kid in all of us".

The paying public will be pleased to hear that tickets can be purchased from as little as $50, which by Sydney standards is extremely reasonable.

Fellow human beings, see you tonight if your game. Not just another concert. This is unique, entertaining, educational, and you don't even need a time machine to travel back 65 million years.

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Arena Spectacular national tour dates are:

ACER ARENA: 18 May – 29 May 2011




Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular

Acer Arena

Kerry O'Brien Publicity

Eva Rinaldi Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4; Aussie gold rush, by Eva Rinaldi - 16th May 2011

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

And not only that, legendary Australian actor, Geoffrey Rush joins in the fun.

Johnny Depp and action adventure / fantasy genre fans are fired up about this tale of adventure, with the tried and true formula of good VS evil, on the high seas.

The charismatic and talented Depp has promised to keep up 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' appearances as long as people want him to.

Depp appears as the lovable Captain Jack Sparrow for the fourth time in new movie On Stranger Tides, which opens this week, premiering in Sydney tonight.

Seems the public just can't get enough of Captain Jack Sparrow, but this evening they had to settle for a supporting actor, namely Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa) and a swag of Australian celebrities in toe doing the red carpet thing.

It must be said that Rush was so giving of himself tonight to both news media and the fans at the Sydney premier.

Rush told our roving reporter on his decision to enter into the action adventure genre:

"It was all by freakish accident actually.  I was looking at the action adventure thing back in the late 90's ... when I did Mystery Men which unfortunately no one saw. You know what I mean. It's a bit hit and miss, you can never tell. When we started the first Pirates we sort of had the Hollywood curse hanging over our heads. Hollywood hadn't made a commercially successful pirate film since 1951. I think it was only when the idea about turning into a ghoul by midnight that's when Jerry Bruckheimer said now we've really got something."

Bruckheimer revealed at last Thursday's UK press conference for Pirates: On Stranger Tides that the team are "starting a whole new set of adventures for Captain Jack Sparrow" and referred to the stand-alone fourth instalment as a series "reboot".

With the diplomacy of a man who knows his entire investment rests upon Johnny Depp's willingness to mug his way through another extended Keith Richards/Pepé le Pew impression, Bruckheimer was, not surprisingly, full of praise for the man behind Captain Jack:

"The trick was, of course, to get Johnny back, and thanks to his efforts working very hard with our screenwriters, he committed to do this. He's very difficult to convince of something, because he doesn't want to disappoint his fans."

Bruckheimer confirmed that without Depp's character, there would be no POTC spin-offs (despite Geoffrey Rush chipping in that he'd pay to see one about On Stranger Tides' scantily clad mermaids).

Bruckheimer told the press, "The only spin-off is with Jack Sparrow. It's his invention, it's his series. He's made it a success along with a lot of other talented people, so it's his to champion, and hopefully, carry on."

Quizzed when we could expect to see the fifth instalment, Bruckheimer was careful to give nothing away, saying, "I think it all depends on how the audience embraces this one. We love the movie. We had a blast making it, and if everybody enjoys it as much as we do, then hopefully, we'll get the whole team back together again and do another."

It appears POTC4's opening weekend in the UK will tell, then, though Depp's resounding "Yes" to a question from the press about whether he'd consider playing guitar on the next film's soundtrack could say something about how committed he may already be to part 5 of Pirates.

On the director Rush noted "There was a real opportunity to put new blood into this, when the trilogy was finished. Gore was wonderful of the first three films. He comes more from the rock n roll side, crazy comic book aficionado. If you've seen Rango you know. Rob Marshal comes from the opposite side of the same coin. He happens to come from a more musical film background, musical, the choreography background, sense of sharp storytelling, shaping of the film and sense of tempo and stuff was really spot on."

Voyaging back north to Cannes with the star of Pirates...

He spoke at the film’s press launch in Cannes, Depp said he would stick with the role for as long as it is popular with the public.

He said: "Really, ultimately and truly, these films are made for the people. It's the people who go and pay their hard-earned money to see these things. If the people get tired of it or something - that's when it stops, I think."

He went on to say that the series was not so much about the money: "When the process becomes impure - if the process becomes impure - if you're doing it for the wrong reasons - and I know everybody here is doing it for the right reasons - it's not all about the kerching kerching."

Depp then elaborated further: "Some people lose sight of the fact that it is the movie business. If a lot of money is spent on making a film then certainly whoever spends that money expects to make a return on it. But that's not the reason we dove into it. That’s not the reason we go in and made asses of ourselves. We do it for the people. So long as people want it, I’m there."

Australian Geoffrey Rush As Barbossa...

Rush doesn't have a staring role, but he certainly gets decent time to show off his talent in the role of Barbossa.

Despite the non major role for Rush, national and international media have largely been keen to get Rush's view on the film.

It was put to Rush that Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow had quite a bit of conflict...

"Yes, one of the underlying story-telling motifs of all four ’Pirates’ films, right back to the first film, is that ongoing conflict – over the ownership of the Pearl. I think there’s a line in one of the films where Jack says "the Pearl means freedom." I think that’s the essence of being a Pirate, that you’re away from land-locked Europe, you’re not apart of a society, you’re apart of the brotherhood of the sea. Your ship is yours, it’s your sense of identity. So when you approach the wheel that’s what you own.".

Rush tells why he came back to do yet another Pirates movie...

"I have to thank Johnny Depp because I think in the development of the screen play, he wanted to keep the Barbossa and Sparrow relationship like an old married couple, constantly bickering. It goes back to the first film, the ownership of the Pearl is at the heart of that conflict. I think it was only on this film that we started to talk about the Black Pearl as a sort of shared girlfriend, I think that kind of made that plotline a little bit more interesting than talking about a boat. Over the four films they’ve kept shape-shifting my character which is fun. In the first film I start as the outright villain spat out of the mouth of hell. Then in two and three he became more of a diplomat, and I think now he’s really landed on his feet, or foot (laughs). Barbossa’s vain and arrogant and pompous enough to think that he actually does belong in the court, and that gave me a terrific new set of variables to play with which was a lot of fun."

Johnny Depp 'Sponged' From Keith Richards...

Johnny Depp has said he "sponged" off Keith Richards to help create his Pirates Of The Caribbean character. The actor, who plays Captain Jack Sparrow in the long-running Disney franchise, famously used a combination of The Rolling Stones' guitarist and cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew as the prime inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow.

In downtown London for the premiere of the new film On Stranger Tides (May 12), Depp explained how he was initially nervous of Richards' reaction.

He said: "It was very strange initially you know when the character's main ingredients came up. I was a little worried at what Keith Richards was gonna think. I didn't fear Pepe Le Pew but I was a little worried about Keith. Because for a good portion of the time I was spending with him, I was sponging as much of him as I possibly could for the character. And when he found out what I’d been doing, it could've gone either way, but he was very nice about it, like 'I had no idea mate!' He was very sweet about it."

Richards has gone on to appear in the Pirates movies himself, joining the cast as Sparrow's father, Captain Teague. He reprises the role in the new film.

Depp expressed his delight, saying: "To be able to then bring him into the fold and bring him into the film and do scenes with him was amazing. It's one of those things you know has been seared into your brain and will never leave. It's one of those moments: "I'm really lucky to be here at this moment, and I'm really lucky that I'm aware that I'm lucky."


Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he's not sure if it's love -- or if she's a ruthless con artist who's using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn't know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past. Written by Walt Disney Pictures.



Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Event Cinemas

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Eva Rinaldi Flickr

Monday, 16 May 2011

Miley Cyrus Tour Sydney Australia

Teen singer, Miley Cyrus has sold approximately 70,000 tickets for her concert in just one day. The singer’s promoter confirmed that more dates have been added due to increasing demands for Miley’s extra shows in Australia.

Miley is scheduled to perform in Australia’s Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth from June 21 and her show, “The Gypsy Tour” will be extended until the first week of July.

According to, concert promoter Paul Dainty noted that additional dates have been finalized as a result of increasing demand by Miley’s fans.
“Miley has been a hit at the Australian box office this past week with extra concerts added and all shows close to sold out,” he said according to

Dainty added: “She has an enormous number of fans in Australia and they should look forward to a great concert with an impressive production.”


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Austra pushes pink party music limits by Eva Rinaldi - 12th May 2011

Katie Stelmanis, face of Austra, has been tipped as the next big musical thing to come out of Canada. Based in Toronto, the most unique and multi talented musician and singer is making waves internationally. She may openly call herself queer and lesbian, but she is far from a one trick pony. She holds her own on her talent, but the pink card sure hasn't hurt her campaigning. Ms Stelmanis shares some of her story with our readership...

Probed about what's more famous - her real name or the group's, she doesn't mince her words..."I think I'm much more well known for the band name Austra, everywhere".

While the world is only really just now being splashed by her pink-ish risque music, Katie first played around with music at the tender age of 10, and considers she went pro at 19-ish.

She snatched a huge break in the industry after doing the SXSX in 2010. Just 6 months later a Domino deal fell into her colourful lap.

The self starter finds motivation in doing what she loves. Music is her lust, or at least a big part of it. She shares "I guess music is the biggest thing in my life. I've always studied it, done it, and that keeps me going."

Readers down under in Australia will be delighted, if not in ecstasy, with the news that Katie and her girlfriend fellow performers will be doing a live performance or three in late 2011 if they get their own way.

Katie has mixed feelings about press coverage, despite the vast majority being very kind to the sensual musical sensation. Just prior to speaking with us she had conducted an interview with Australia's Triple J radio station. She's careful not too get to caught up in the hype and believing her own headlines. In a bold and somewhat gutsy soundwave she told us "I don't pay too much attention to media or press as I think it can be dangerous to do so."

The invariable question of musical influences came up. Not to our surprise Ms S disclosed "Kate Bush is a big one for sure. Also Nine Inch Nails, Bjork and Nina Simone."

At this stage she produces her own music, but not the music videos, but one gets the strong feeling she wields a lot of clout on the set and the overall end product.

"I pretty much take full ownership of everything. I've never worked with a producer before. I didn't choreograph it.  Self produced musically.  I don't play a role with the music videos.  I find other artists that I admire and get along with, and understand, and if we get along and make a connection we can collaborate", she said confidently.

Readers, if you like their sound, hold on to your pants or significant other when you lap up their music video delights.  They take you on a trip, one that you may not have journeyed before, but fear not - its lots of fun, sexy and adventurous. 'Lose It' has got to be their overall best effort in music video land. You've got rocket launches, spaced out monkeys, sexy legs and even a bloody... and we mean bloooody, nose bleed. The blood coming out of the nasal region might have just as well come from down there. Whispers in the office of "drug culture themes" were overheard, but the upcoming queen bee of pink music only just touched on this, sharing that things are open to "interpretation", and started telling a feasible story of "Saving the world".

On the sexy 'Lose It' she elaborated with "I filmed it with director M Blash. We made a treatment, we liked the treatment, it made sense but it made no sense.  It's open to interpretation. There's a strong theme of missiles, and saving the world. Yeah, its open to interpretation. The idea behind it was that I was saving the world from a missile."

The proud lesbian sensation plays up her beliefs and preferences in her unmistakable 'Young And Gay' number. With some gentle encouragement and probing she goes with "Yeah, I identify as lesbian."

No stranger to pretty decent press, one of her most recent print achievements was with Vanity Fair, in the 'Vanity Show' page no less, and what a spread it was... the favorite of her hand picked Toronto photographer friend.

She's quite the spiritual being, with her namesake coming from the goddess of light in Latvian mythology. On the question of star signs, she didn't hesitate with "Yes, I'm definitely a true Gemini."

Sharing her passion is something she holds dear to her heart and making the fans feel good is paramount to her being.

"I've always enjoyed music. Escapism, meditate, to feel good, to feel something, to listen... to escape. I hope they listen to the music and have a similar escapism feeling themselves."

When she's not doing music, the musical up and coming talent enjoys her wine.

Austra is a unique breed of animal and her singing voice is likely her most unique attribute, followed by her eye opening music videos.

If you have enjoyed Austra already you know how blessed you are, and if not, go on...treat, tantalise and titillate yourself, and give her CD a spin.


Austra official website

The Gypsy Heart tour marks Cyrus' first visit to Australia.

Presented by: Dainty Group


The Gypsy Heart tour marks Cyrus' first visit to Australia. "The Gypsy Heart tour is a dream come true. Not only because of all the beautiful cities I will get to visit, but all of the beautiful people I will get to meet. Gypsy Heart is not just a tour for me, but a mission to spread love," stated Cyrus. The live show will feature music from Cyrus' latest solo album "Can't Be Tamed," and much more.

Since being introduced to local audiences as Hannah Montana in 2006, Miley Cyrus has released a staggering ten albums and sold in excess of 500,000 singles in Australia.

Last year, Miley Cyrus released the ARIA Top 5, Gold accredited album Can't Be Tamed, which generated a Gold selling single of the same name. To date, Miley has achieved 3 x Platinum and 3 x Gold records in Australia, as well as 2 x Double Platinum singles (The Climb, Party in the USA), one Platinum single (See You Again), and 4 Gold singles including 7 Things and When I Look At You.

Tue 21 Jun - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Thu 23 & Fri 24 Jun - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Sun 26 & Mon 27 Jun - Acer Arena, Sydney
Wed 29 Jun - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Sat 2 Jul - Burswood Dome, Perth
*Ticketek is selling for the above venues only.

Multi-platinum selling superstar, Enrique Iglesias, is set to arrive in Australia

Multi-platinum selling superstar, Enrique Iglesias, is set to arrive in Australia
in July as part of the EUPHORIA World Tour & will be joined by a
 very special guest # 1 selling US rapper Pitbull!


As a valued friend of Dainty Group we'd like to give you the chance to purchase
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The Euphoria Tour will ensure Australian fans get to see Enrique perform all of his biggest hits including the most recent smash hit singles from the EUPHORIA album. Including
 I Like It (Triple Platinum), Heartbeat (Double Platinum) and Tonight (Double Platinum) with the latest Dirty Dancer just released, also on its way to multi-platinum sales.

Enrique and Pitbull worked together on the killer remix of I Like It and Enrique is thrilled to have him joining the Australian tour.  Enrique said "Man, working with Pitbull, it's like he's got everybody in the world's mojo, his energy is so intense...."

Pitbull, most recently known in Australia for his current # 3 single Give Me Everything and featuring on the Jennifer Lopez # 1 selling single On The Floor, will also perform a set full of back to back hits and fans may see him join Enrique on stage to perform the hit I Like It.

For over a decade Enrique Iglesias' Latin-flavoured pop has carved its way into the hearts of music fans across the globe, selling over 55 million albums in both English and Spanish.

Dainty Team

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lady Gaga has unveiled a countdown for the release of her new single ‘Born This Way’.

Lady Gaga has unveiled a countdown for the release of her new single ‘Born This Way’.

The track is the first song to be taken from the singer’s as-yet-untitled new album of the same name, due out in May.
The New single’s February 13 release and Lady Gaga’s fans can RSVP to the event on Facebook The group currently has more than 45,000 confirmed guests.

Lady Gaga will debut ‘Born This Way’ live at the Grammy Awards in LA on the day of the single’s release.

The album, which is the follow-up to ‘The Fame’ and the extended ‘The Fame Monster’, is due to be released on May 23. It was included in Gigwise’s Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011.

Young Guns: All Our Kings Are Dead review, by Eva Rinaldi

Young Guns have fans and critics talking with the release on their All Our Kings Are Dead release.

Are they the next big thing in British rock, or are they more akin to just another flash in the pan? Nay, they appear to have hit the big time, based upon all the airplay they've got on MTV over the past few months, not to mention a ton of positive reviews in respected music industry press.  It may be too early to know for sure just how far they will go, but these guys have talent.

Rock gods Bon Jovi didn't get them to be a support for them just cause their nice guys. They got the spot thousands of other up and comers wanted. They even shared a stage at the Reading Festival with the likes of Guns N' Roses and Queens of the Stone Age. You've got to be darn good to get that spot.

I love the fact that the band showed fortitude by releasing their debut album directly. I guess one of more of them have both marketing and media smarts, and a bit of a nest egg to throw into a successful campaign, without having to pander to the top brass at the majors.

I can imagine being in a jam packed stadium watching these guys, with thousands of fans going wild. They have 'It', and the production and promos are polished.

Opening track Sons of Apathy sounds like something that might get a strong run on radio, be it in Australia or the UK. The nature of their songs and lyrics is such that your going to have to learn them off by heart to be able to sing along with them... the musical riffs are pretty loud and the songs too new to be regularly be played on MTV or radio quite yet.

I'm still getting a feel for these guys, and what songs best take my fancy, but at this point Stitches does it for me, but that's also got something to do with the pretty cool music video I spied on YouTube. They know how to do a music vid to compliment a song, so its little wonder they are currently approaching mega success, with their positive momentum building up every month, not to mention each new concert they belt out. This band to be sounds like that in 5 years time the music world will be buzzing loudly about, and one of the privileged rock bands who are in demand across the globe, being able to pretty much pick and choose where they perform.

If you like your melodic punk rock heavy, hard, and loud... but not quite deafening, 'All Our Kings Are Dead' might just be for you.  I like my punt alot more 70s and 80s style, but I respect these guys for giving us all they have, and I've got the feeling they will further improve their awesome sound with their next one or two releases. Rock on.

The Band:

Gustav Wood - lead vocals
Fraser Taylor - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
John Taylor - rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Simon Mitchell - bass
Ben Jolliffe - drums, percussion, backing vocals


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Beachley Classic surf comp: Pros and celebs do Dee Why by Eva Rinaldi - 7th May 2011

Sydney's Dee Why Beach was blessed today with awesome weather, the Beachley Classic surfing comp, a celebrity beach volleyball match, celebrity surf comp, lots of happy souls, a stoked surf culture crowd and a dash of friendly media folks reporting on all the action.

The news that tons of celebs would be surfing, playing volleyball and just hanging out at the beach is what got my main interest, but at the same time, great to see the pros in action also.

First the serious stuff...the Beachley Classic for the bragging rights and the money, of course. Good on the Commonwealth Bank for pumping in thousands of dollars into the event, and we think they got exceptionally good value for their sponsorship dollar.

Hawaii's golden girl of surf, Carissa Moore, may have beaten the last remaining Aussie hope Stephanie Gilmore to progress into the final of the Beachley Classic, but we all felt like winners.

Moore defeated 2004 ASP Women's World Champion Sofia Mulanovich, 27 to snatch her second out of four finals this season, winning a cool US$40,000 winners cheque and returns to her position as the ASP Women's World No. 1.

The media friendly Moore shared "I'm really, really happy, I've been fired up ever since the last two events with Sally (Fitzgibbons) and I'm just super excited I was able to come out on top this time."

Wave selection was a considerable factor in today's comp. Moore was able to take the lead in the closing minutes of the final, posting 6.83 and 8.33 (out of ten) scores, to best the Mulanovich by 15.60 to 14.60 (out of 20.00).

"I was really excited to make another final and it was refreshing to have a Sofia as an opponent," Moore said. "She was leading for most of the heat and I was kind of nervous out there."

Moore's victory today secures her a comfortable 3350 points ahead of closest rival Sally Fitzgibbons, 20, (Australia) on the ASP World Title ratings and has got insiders talking about her now being see as the surfer to beat with just three events to go.

"I'm trying to not think about the World Title too much, I know that there's a lot of girls within range, so I'm just going to keep my head down and have fun."

Mulanovich to her credit reached her first final this year. and beat ASP ratings leader coming into the event Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia) in their exciting semifinal clash, before placing runner-up to Moore in the final.

"I haven't been on the podium for a I while and I'm just stoked to be here, it feels amazing!" Mulanovich said. "Carissa is an amazing surfer and she's really hard to beat although I was beating her for a while out there, I surprised myself."

Fitzgibbons felt short of her own expectations today sighting poor wave-selection her downfall against Mulanovich. She's now out of the ASP World No. 1 spot.

"I can't be disappointed with a third place but I think the waves weren't in my favour, I just didn't quite find my rhythm," Fitzgibbons said. "Some days you have it like in Bells and New Zealand and some days you don't and today I just wasn't quite there."

"You know the World Title is something you're always reaching for and I feel like I still have a lot to give," Fitzgibbons said. "World No. 2 is a good place to be at so I'm just going to hold my head up high and hope to get that rhythm back at the next few events and hopefully snatch a few more wins along the way."

Three time defending event champion and four times ASP Women's World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, 23, (Australia) equaled her best result of the season, placing equal third after being narrowly eliminated by Moore with 16.00 to Moore's 16.50 heat total, in the semifinal.

"Third place is definitely frustrating, it's an ok result but it's not quite enough to satisfy me anyway," Gilmore said. "I felt like I was surfing really good but it just came down to wave selection. Carissa got such a good start and I think I got a little too relaxed when I got a really high score and let my guard down." Despite posting the highest individual wave score of the event, a 9.60 (out of 10.00), Gilmore was failed to grab a second ride with sufficient scoring potential. Her result today moving her up one place into The World No. 4 spot.

"I feel much stronger and more confident and so for me it is just about building on each result and reaching for the top spot again."

ASP Womens World Title Ranking after event #4 Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic 
1. Carissa Moore (HAW) 3700 
2. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 33650 
3. Tyler Wright (AUS) 25420 
4. Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 22850 
5. Sivana Lima (PER) 21420

Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic Final Results: 

Carissa Moore (HAW) 15.60 def Sofia Mulnovich (PER) 14.60

Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic Semifinal Results: 
Heat 1: Sofia Mulanovich (PER) 14.03 def Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 13.60 
Heat 2: Carissa Moore (HAW) 16.50 def Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 16.00

Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic Quarterfinal Results: 
Heat 1: Sofia Mulanovich (PER) 11.83 def Silvana Lima (BRA) 7.33 
Heat 2: Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 13.37 def Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) 13.26 
Heat 3: Carissa Moore (HAW) 16.00 def Melanie Bartels (HAW) 8.76 
Heat 4: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 17.17 def Tyler Wright (AUS) 15.10

Beachley Classic Celebrity Surf Challenge...

The list of Aussie celeb surfers included

Lincoln Lewis (Tomorrow When the War Began, former Home & Away) 
David Jones-Roberts (Home & Away) 
Mike Baird (NSW Treasurer) 
Dustin Clare (Satisfaction, former McLeod's Daughters) 
Ian 'Dicko' Dickson (former Australian Idol judge, former Classic Rock FM host) 
Paul De Gelder (Navy Seal) 
Guy Leech (ex Ironman) 
Peter Phelps (Rescue Special Ops, former Stingers, Underbelly and Baywatch) 
Matt Hall (Pilot, former RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor, 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Champion) 
Kerri Pottharst (former Olympic volleyball player) 
Kirk Pengilly (INXS)

Layne Beachley and a dozen celebs fought for $5,000 for their nominated charity at today's Celebrity Challenge. It was part of Family Day at the Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic.

Teams warmed-up on the sand with a game of Volleyball followed by an Australian tag team rules style surf comp. All celebs rode long boards. 

Last year, Sydneysider Miley Dyer led her all-star team of former ironman Guy Leech, Biggest Loser trainer Shannon Ponton and Sydney Olympics volleyball gold medalist Kerry Pottharst to victory by less than a point. Going up against Leech and Pottharst again this year, Ian 'Dicko' Dickson says of the challenge, "This year I'm ready to win the Celebrity Challenge at the Beachley Classic. I've been training long and hard all year for this. They won't know what's hit them." Dicko also kindly shared his thoughts with our team of reporters and the exclusive video footage will be going live soon.

Congrats to the green team who won the the celeb surfing challenge, and well done to everyone who participated in today's happening at Dee Why Beach. It was a great day to be Australian. Layne, you did Australia proud today and your legend and legacy continues to grow. You transcend surfing, and keep building upon the strong foundations you laid down years ago. Thanks for the interview with our crew too.

Beach, fun, sun, world class effects and results... that's what its all about folks.

Stay tuned for some great video footage from today including interviews with Layne and Dicko, as well as some exclusive photos of all of the fun in the sun, and see you back there next year.