Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sydney breakfast radio turns gay

A cavalcade of stars is helping Sydney’s newest radio station launch an all-gay breakfast show.

OX Live ( will take on the big boys of commercial radio from July 1, as Sydney’s high-profile jocks take a break.

“We totally look up to Kyle & Jackie O,” admits presenter Casey Comans.

“But with the king and queen of radio on holiday we thought two queens should step up and have a go!”

JQ & Casey’s All-Star Breakfast will hit the airwaves every morning from 7am, and they’ve enlisted Australia’s biggest GLBTI stars to help them.

“We’ll be co-hosting with Matthew Mitcham, Carlotta, Anthony Callea and Samantha Jade,” says presenter Joshua Quirk.

“Our producer is even in talks with Britney Spears! But that’s a very long shot,” he laughs.

City of Sydney councillor Christine Forster will also speak live with JQ & Casey, with just weeks until her brother Tony Abbott heads to the polls.

Listening requires the free app on your smartphone. Search for ‘OX Live’ on Google Play or in the App Store.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Naomi Watts to light up screens across Australia from October 10

Local audiences will finally have the chance to see Australian actress Naomi Watts in an unforgettable performance as Princess Diana, when Becker Film Group releases the highly anticipated film, DIANA in wide release right across the country on October 10.

DIANA is masterfully directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Academy Award® nominated for Downfall).

Naveen Andrews, best known for his roles in The English Patient and the hit television show, Lost, co-stars as Dr. Hasnat Kahn. Brits Douglas Hodge, Geraldine James, Charles Edwards and Juliet Stevenson round out the supporting cast.

From Becker Film Group. Celebrated and adored by millions, she was the Queen of people's hearts, yet the bittersweet story of the last man to truly capture hers has never been told.

Princess Diana (double Academy Award® nominee Naomi Watts), at one time the most famous woman in the world, inspired a nation with her generosity, compassion and kindness - and in her final years she would meet the man, Dr. Hasnat Kahn (Naveen Andrews), who in turn inspired her.

"Most Australians remember exactly where they were the day Princess Diana died, such was the affect she had on people and why she was the People's Princess,” said Elle Becker, Sales & Acquisitions Manager of Becker Film Group.

“She was an extraordinary woman, who had a profound effect on many Australians including myself – so the opportunity to work on such a compelling story is a very personal journey."

The astonishing performance by Australian actress, Naomi Watts isn’t the only reason why local audiences are expected to strongly embrace DIANA.

Princess Diana’s visits to Australia were enormously popular events in the nation’s history and her fondness for Australia and support of its charities is well documented and celebrated.

In fact, some of those wonderful, iconic moments of her Australian tours are even featured in DIANA.

The filmmakers have assembled an outstandingly talented and creative team to produce an insightful and compassionate study of Diana’s later years. Headed by Rainer Klaussman S.C.S, (Downfall, The Experiment), the director's long-time collaborator and cinematographer, the team includes: production designer Kave Quinn (Trainspotting), costume designer Julian Day (Rush), hair and make-up designer Noriko Watanabe (Unknown, Memoirs of a Geisha), editor Hans Funck (Downfall) and the Academy Award® winning composer Rachel Portman (Emma, Chocolat).

DIANA will be distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Becker Film Group, who have recently distributed A Place For Me, The Words, Santa’s Apprentice, Last Dance and Female Agents, as well as the Academy Award® nominated films, Last Station and Margin Call
Watch the HD teaser trailer of DIANA at:

Status Quo “Bula Quo!” Album out in 15th June 2013

Status Quo will release their brand new 2CD album “Bula Quo!” on 15th June 2013 [Cat Nos Physical QUOCD007, Digital QUOCD009] via Fourth Chord Records / Warner Artist & Label Services.
The first single from the album, entitled “Bula Bula Quo”, will be released  on the  same date.  Disc One of this much anticipated release features 9 brand new tracks which are taken from the soundtrack of the band’s forthcoming debut feature film “Bula Quo!”  The second disc contains exclusively reworked or live versions of 10  classic Quo hits, also as featured in the film, including an amazing Fijian-style rendition of  “Living On An Island”.  There is also a limited edition deluxe box set - featuring exclusive gatefold LP, 7", postcards, poster and certificate of authenticity, plus the 2xCD edition, housed in a bespoke box - available only from [the site for all album pre-sales, tour tickets and more information]. 

Status Quo
The film itself premieres in London on 1 July 2013 and goes on general release on5 July.  The 2013 “Bula Quo!” tour will see the band perform 11 UK dates in December with 10CC as special guests –the UK tour goes on sale Friday 12th April 2013 []

“Bula Quo!” itself is a 90-minute action movie, featuring the band as themselves and also starring Craig Fairbrass [‘Cliff Hanger’, ‘Rise Of The Footsoldier’, ‘Eastenders’] and Laura Aikman [‘Keith Lemon The Movie’, Freight’, ‘Surviving Picasso’] with Jon Lovitz [‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Wedding Singer’]. The film was directed by Stuart St. Paul, who has worked on projects ranging from Duran Duran’s seminal ‘Wild Boys’ video, to ‘Aliens’, ‘Batman’ and three ‘Bond’ movies.

Francis Rossi said, “Making the film in Fiji was a fantastic experience and we couldn’t help but be inspired by our surroundings.  We had no plans to write an album as well as filming our parts for the movie, it just happened.”  Rick Parfitt added, “We hope that Quo fans will enjoy the film, which is certainly something new for the band, but we know they are going to love the music.”


1. Looking Out For Caroline 04:00 / 
2. GoGoGo 04:16 / 
3. Run and Hide (The Gun Song) 04:12 /              
4. Running Inside My Head 03:42 / 
5. Mystery Island 04:22 / 
6. All That Money 03:13 / 
7. Never Leave A Friend Behind 02:51 / 
8. Fiji Time 03:15 / 
9. Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega) 03:50

1. Living On An Island (Fiji Style) 03:45 / 
2. Frozen Hero 04:20 / 
3. Reality Cheque 04:05 /       
4. Rockin' All Over The World (Bula Edit) 04:27 / 
5. Caroline (Live)  05:08 / 
6. Beginning Of The End (Live) 04.25 /     
7. Don't Drive My Car (Live)  03:49 / 
8. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Live) 02:29 / 
9. Whatever You Want (Live) 05:10 / 
10. Down Down (Live) 05:04
With “Bula Quo!” receiving its first screenings at the prestigious Berlinale Film Festival in February of this year, resulting in deals being struck to take the film into many global territories, interest in the band has never been greater.  

The album “Bula Quo!” is a slice of sunshine but also a great collection of brand new songs from one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger does motivational speaking tour of Australia; Sydney tonight

Arnold Schwarzenegger does motivational speaking tour of Australia; Tonight speaks at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion - 13th June 2013..

If you believe the media hype, it's been 33 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger last visited down under Australia and now he's back.

The Hollywood icon has been a guest for motivational speaker Jamie McIntyre's 21st Century Financial Education Summits, and tonight an audience of about 500 enjoyed Arnie's talk at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion.

Schwarzenegger talked to the audience about his experiences involving bodybuilding, investing, acting and politics.

"Arnold embodies everything that the Financial Education Summit is all about," CEO of 21st Century Education, Jamie McIntyre said.

"He is motivated, inspirational, an achiever against all odds."

Schwarzenegger has not only made his mark as a renowned action hero and body builder- he has also served as the 38th Governor of California putting the state at the forefront of the nation in addressing the issue of climate change and taking action by signing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, as well as establishing the Million Solar Roofs Plan.

For the record, Schwarzenegger's talk was interesting, educational, entertaining, and did pass the credibility and substance test. Make no mistake - Schwarzenegger success in business and life is no mistake.  He had a vision, a plan, learned, and put in the hard work.

Special thank you to everyone involved in the success of the 21st Century Financial Education Summit, and a big thank you to the team at Markson Sparks! for helping make our coverage possible.


With a career spanning 46 years and reaching the higher echelons in sport, film and politics, Governor Schwarzenegger was the youngest person ever to win the Mr. Universe title before becoming the worlds most recognisable all American action hero in films that include; Last Action Hero, True Lies, End Of Days and the hugely popular Terminator trilogy. His movies have grossed over $3 billion.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s most notable accomplishments in his first six years in office included the national-leading Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 – a bipartisan agreement to combat global warming by reducing California’s greenhouse gas emissions – and overhauling the state’s workers’ compensation system – cutting costs by more than 35 percent.

As Governor, Schwarzenegger has been California’s most effective marketing tool, travelling across the country and around the world promoting Californian-grown products, cutting edge technologies and the state’s diverse travel destinations.

During his two terms in office, Governor Schwarzenegger worked to reform California’s fiscal policies, create a better business environment, reduce burdens on employment, boost exports and stimulate job growth.

About Jamie McIntyre...

It was almost 20 years ago that Jamie found himself in an unenviable position. He was completely broke, in debt to the tune of $150,000, had no job prospects and was sleeping on a friend’s couch.

Jamie grew up on a farm in rural New South Wales, Australia and from an early age had dreams of being successful, however he soon discovered that no part of his education had actually taught him the skills he needed to succeed.

Jamie realised the world needed a 21st Century Modern day education rather than the current out-dated education system created in the industrialisation era of the 19th Century; A “21st Century” education that was better than school or university and taught by those with a PhD in Results, not just theory. An Education – For Life!

Only 5 years from being almost bankrupt, he had succeeded – Jamie had become a self-made millionaire.

This incredible turnaround can be credited to Jamie’s extensive research and to the knowledge he gained from his somewhat unconventional approach of modeling multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, investors and success coaches.


Arnold Schwarzenegger official website

21st Century Financial Education Summit

Markson Sparks!

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Media Man Int

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Brad Pitt arrives on Sydney's red carpet for World War Z premiere

Brad Pitt arrives on Sydney's red carpet for World War Z premier - 9th June 2013...

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt has arrived on the red carpet and he looks happy to be at the World War Z Australian premiere.

Dressed in a sharp black suit he waved to hundreds of fans at The Star, before posing for pictures and signing autographs.

It's all part of Paramount Pictures battle for the entertainment dollar, in this case, Australian dollars, as well as being part of the well documented "Aussie Casino Wars", with Echo Entertainment getting a leg up on James Packer's Crown Casino empire on this occasion. Last time we checked Hollywood's Tom Cruise was a Packer secret weapon, but looks like JP would do well to further expand his Hollywood pack; especially since Packer has some money tied up in Hollywood movie productions these days, but that's another story.

Pitt landed at Sydney Airport around 8am on a private jet before being escorted away in a private car to an inner city hotel (which may or may not have been 'The Darling' (part of The Star), another Echo Entertainment enterprise.

Having attended the global premiere of World War Z with his partner Angelina Jolie last week, Pitt is down under for the Australian premiere of the hot action movie.

There's rumours that Pitt's wife, Angelina Jolie, may have also come down under, but there's no photos or witnesses accounts to Jolie's presence.  Maybe she's waiting in the hotel room for Brad... just a thought.


World War Z

World War Z (Australia)

Paramount Pictures (Australia)

The Star

The Darling

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Way Way Back Australian Movie Premiere - Toni Collette At State Theatre, Sydney, Australia

The Way Way Back Australian Movie Premiere - Toni Collette At State Theatre, Sydney, Australia - 6th June 2013

'The Way Way Back' enjoyed its Sydney red carpet premiere tonight at the beautiful State Theatre.

The movie is part of the current Sydney Film Festival, which has thousands of Sydney movie lovers braving the cold and wet weather than this season is shedding upon Sydney.


Funny, smart and uplifting, The Way, Way Back is a well-crafted coming-of-age comedy with winning performances by a stellar cast. Fourteen-year-old Duncan (Liam James) is forced to spend the summer vacation with his mother Pam (Toni Collette), her condescending boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell) and his mean-girl daughter. Constantly humiliated, Duncan struggles until he meets Owen (Sam Rockwell, in arguably his best performance), the manager of a somewhat dishevelled Water Wizz water park. Rebellious, relaxed, and very funny, Owen pokes fun at Duncan, but at the same time gives him the confidence to stand up for himself and find his place in the world. Directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon are the Oscar®-winning writers of The Descendents and both accomplished actors themselves - Rash in Community and Faxon in Ben and Kate. Here they have made a heartwarming, inspiring and hilarious film.

Plot Outline

During a vacation in a Northeast beach town, a lonely teenage boy, Duncan (Liam James), comes into his own over the course of a summer through an unlikely friendship with the manager of a local water park (Sam Rockwell). Duncan’s mother, Pam (Toni Collette), alienates her young son through her determined efforts to make her relationship work with her carousing boyfriend (Steve Carell) whose disingenuous attempts to build a family are immediately transparent to Duncan.

Sydney Film Festival screenings:

Thursday 6 June, 9:30 PM State Theatre
Monday 10 June, 4:15 PM Event Cinemas George Street


The Way Way Back Facebook

State Theatre

Sydney Film Festival

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