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WORLD PREMIERE OF ADIOS One man’s outrageous, enlightening, pointless journey into his own head Written & directed by film legend Luis Bayonas Starring John Waters April 22 at Colac Cinema, Victoria

Luis Bayonas’ feature film ADIOS world premieres on April 22 at Colac Cinemas in regional Victoria with the film’s stars in attendance. ADIOS is a product of a 40 year friendship between industry veteran and Colac district filmmaker Luis Bayonas and acting legend, AFI Award winner John Waters (Offspring, Breaker Morant).

Waters plays Marcus Smith, a well known singer/actor at the peak of his career, who leaves his home, wife and two children to go and live in a remote corner in the dark side of the bush for reasons he doesn’t know. This is the start of an outrageous, enlightening, pointless journey into his own head.  

John Waters said “Everything’s positive to me about this film…I love what I do and I like doing it with Luis, who is someone I love and trust, and the result is complete freedom.”

Luis Bayonas, a filmmaker and script writer who cut his teeth working on American/Spanish/Italian co-productions in the 1960s (including Dustin Hoffman’s first film), landed in Australia in the ’70s imported by the great Hector Crawford. The talented emigre won numerous writing awards while working on most classic Aussie TV shows including Homicide, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors, Special Squad, two telemovies and the teleplay A Woman in the House. He burnt out in the late ’80s, but recovered from a massive writer’s block by taking up painting and music in the ’90s. In the new millennium he returned to filmmaking as a director/writer at the ripe old age of 74. His first feature film was Dancing Cows, shot in the Colac/Camperdown region, where Luis lives.

There would be very few people around Colac, Camperdown, Birregurra and Beeac who hadn’t heard of Luis’ productions.  “People simply believed in the project and wanted to be a part of it, and give movie-making a go,” says Bayonas, “now all their hard work and commitment has paid off.”

The local talent (Lyn Stone, Lyn McLean, David McKenzie, Peter Daffy, Moira Nelson) joined with industry professionals such as John Waters, Colin and Cameron Cairnes (100 Bloody Acres), Jorge Ordonez and producer Jenny Sharp to make a film that belies its more than modest budget. Father Bob Maguire makes a cameo as himself.  

In Bayonas’ own words:  “Adios is exactly the movie we wanted to make, nothing more nothing less. A movie that flows naturally. We picked a situation, gave it a kick start and let it unroll out of itself like a streamer, I tried not to control the characters, but let them live instead, find their own feet.”

Producer Jenny Sharp has worked with Bayonas on both Dancing Cows and Adios. They met in the late 1970s on Crawford Productions’ Cop Shop. An Awgie nominated writer herself, Jenny has been collaborating with Luis as a script editor on many film projects ever since.

Bayonas is now working on other scripts while painting professionally and playing and writing music. Adios is set to play at film festivals here and abroad and is an exciting way to show not just what a wonderful part of the world south west Victoria is, but the extraordinary amount of talent that exists there.


Cast and crew in attendance at the world premiere screening on Monday include:
Writer/director/composer/DOP Luis Bayonas
Cast – Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes & Lyn Stone
Producer Jenifer Sharp

Monday 22 April at 8.30 pm. Tickets available by phoning: 03 5232 2077.

INTERVIEWS – available ahead of world premiere screening on Monday

John Waters available at limited times this week

Director Luis Bayonas available by phone from Colac


Colac is less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne via Geelong.

Vline runs services to Colac from Southern Cross station – change to a coach at Geelong

SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW STORMS INTO AUSTRALIA! Internationally acclaimed spectacle comes to Sydney’s Theatre Royal

Internationally acclaimed spectacle comes to Sydney’s Theatre Royal
"Slava’s Snowshow is to clowning what Cirque du Soleil is to circus. Slava’s Snowshow is as theatrical as it is simple, as involving as it is inspiring.”
- Variety, USA
The multi award-winning international sensation SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW storms into Australia for a limited season playing at the Theatre Royal from 11 to 23 June 2013.  Tickets on sale 18 February.
Since its creation by renowned Russian clown Slava Polunin in 1993, SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW has played to millions of people in more than 30 countries and 120 cities including New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow. The show comes to Australia in 2013 following a second sell-out Winter season in London and is already confirmed to return to London for its third year this Christmas.
The show has garnered worldwide popular and critical acclaim, as well as a growing number of awards – in the USA SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW earned a Tony nomination for Special Theatrical Event in 2009 and won the Drama Desk Award in 2005 for Unique Theatrical Experience; in the UK, the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment (1998) and the Time Out Award (1994); and in Australia, the Helpmann Award for Best Visual or Physical Theatre (2000); as well as a host of other awards in Russia, France, Mexico, Denmark, Spain and the UK.  SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW has been lauded as "a theatre classic of the 20th century" by The Times in London, and Slava Polunin praised as "the best clown in the world". 
"The single most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a theatre in my life."
 - Simon Callow, Sunday Express, UK
Slava Polunin created his Snowshow following his sensational performance as part of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria, drawing on the influence of artists such as Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau and Leonid Engibarov.  He and his company of clowns have taken clowning out of the world of circus, and brought it into the theater.  SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW is a fusion of traditional and contemporary theatrical clowning arts, and a beautifully crafted visual spectacle.
The show brilliantly creates a world of wonderment and fantasy that transports the audience to a joyous dream-like place, where a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea; a woman is wrapped in cellophane and becomes flowers in a vase; a child walks in amazement inside a bubble; SLAVA boards a train and then becomes the train, his chimney-pot hat billowing smoke; and a web of unspun cotton envelopes the audience. The stunning finale sees a letter turn into snowflakes, and the flakes turn into a snowstorm, which whirls around the auditorium, leaving the audience ankle-deep in snow.
SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW is a visual masterpiece loved by children and adults alike.

“His genius lies in the balance he strikes between spectacular theatrical effects and the tiniest nuances of facial expression”.  Theatrical Brilliance!” The Sunday Times
“This is pure magic…truly an evening of enchantment and fun”. The Express
“The mind boggles.  SNOWSHOW achieved something I’ve rarely seen: a spontaneous eruption of playful energy which lifted the entire audience in a bubble of pure delight.  Magic! Slava’s Snowshow touches the heart as well as the funny bone. Full of laughter and joy it is a thing of rare theatrical beauty not to be missed”.  London Daily Telegraph
“An unmissable theatrical feast; this ensemble of extraordinary clowns combine comedy and poignancy with stunning spectacle and breathtaking images. It fills you with innocent amazement.  It restores childish wonder in adults.  After the show ends, nobody wants to leave the theatre.  Laughter and tears have never been harder to distinguish.” “Simply Thrilling” The Independent
“Overwhelming, invigorating, terrifying, delightful.  It brings us back to the lost Eden of our childhood.” Financial Times
“Slava’s Snowshow is thoughtful, accessible comedy.  Highly recommended”. Melbourne Sunday Age
“Slava Polunin may well be the world’s greatest clown. He may even be the world’s greatest magician” “Spectacular and rather unnervingly beautiful” Variety Weekly
“It was hard to find a single adult or child who seemed less than ecstatic” The Associated Press
"Slava's Snowshow" is meant to make you smile, and it does so with impressive efficiency….I loved every minute of it. The Wall Street Journal
“Slava’s Snowshow is to clowning what Cirque du Soleil is to the circus…”Variety
"My heart leapt… induces waves of giggles and sighs of pleasure."The New York Times
“A finale that blows you away”. Mail on Sunday
“One of the most theatrical moments I have ever experienced.”The Guardian
“Utterly breathtaking, the stage effects are dazzling…Suddenly the audience is young, innocent, and transported with delight.” Daily Mail
“The single most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a theatre in my life”. Simon Callow, Sunday Express
An unmistakably unique, unmissable comedy masterpiece…It is simply and childishly thrilling, it fills you with innocent amazement and it is lyrically beautiful”. The Independent
“The unmissable and already classic ‘Snowshow’ is a thing of rare theatrical beauty”. The Times
“Spreads a blanket of benevolent charm over the audience, holding them spellbound…” Financial Times
Dazzling!  Guaranteed to make even the glum thaw into happiness.” The Observer
“The Russian maestro has been hailed as the saviour of clowning…taking the audience’s breath away”. The Evening Standard

SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW is presented by Lunchbox Theatrical Productions and
David Atkins Enterprises with Slava and Gwenael Allan
Created and staged by Slava Polunin
VENUE                        THEATRE ROYAL
SEASON                        11 JUNE TO 23 JUNE
PRICES                        $69 - $99
BOOKINGS                        TICKETMASTER 1300 7230 038
                                    OR TICKETMASTER.COM.AU
                                    GROUPS 10+ SAVE! GROUP BOOKINGS ON 02 1300 889 278

Lennard Promotions Present: Don McLean In Concert

Lennard Promotions present legendary songwriter Don McLean In Concert across Australia in August 2013.

Don McLean galvanised a generation with his timeless hit American Pie, as each generation since its release has discovered, the poignant lyricism and unforgettable melody stirs deep emotion and empathy from all who encounter it, once it has visited it never leaves the heart of the listener, burying itself like a familiar comforting memory only to be re awoken on subsequent encounters. A once in a lifetime song, from a once in a lifetime artist. This track along with the classic singles Vincent, Driedel, Everyday, The Legend of Andrew McCrew and numerous others confirmed McLean was a gifted storyteller with a talent that ascended his peers and rightfully earned him a place in the Song Writers Hall Of Fame.

As a special treat for Australian fans, Don McLean will be joined by Catherine Britt one of the country's most acclaimed singer-songwriters as special guest at each show (Rockhampton and Tweed Heads not included). Catherine spent 6 years in Nashville and has toured, performed and recorded with some of music’s most respected names.

Born in New Rochelle, NY in 1945 Don McLean was to become one of America's most accomplished singer-songwriters. His early work catching the attention of folk legend Pete Seeger who he performed free for in the latter's efforts to clean up the Hudson River. From these humble beginnings McLean has gone on to release some 29 album (all which are still in print) inspiring artists as diverse as Madonna, Fred Astaire, Chet Atkins, Weird Al Yankovick, Elvis Presley, Josh Groban and Coolio to cover his amazing music. With over 40 gold and platinum records worldwide.

Australia's love affair with Don McLean is a long and fruitful one, he held the attendance record at the Capitol Theatre in Melbourne with 18 consecutive performances, breaking the previous record of Joni Mitchell and was the first ever American artist to perform at the then newly built Sydney Opera House. Through subsequent visits, inspired performances and of course his timeless music, Don McLean's art resonates loudly with Australian audiences ensuring that his visit in August will continue to fuel the hearts of long-time fans and music lovers across the nation.

 *Tickets Onsale 29th April

with special guest Catherine Britt
with special guest Catherine Britt
1300 795 257  www.tixtas.com.au
with special guest Catherine Britt
with special guest Catherine Britt
132 849
with special guest Catherine Britt
with special guest Catherine Britt
136 246  www.qtix.com.au
1300 762 545  www.oztix.com.au
1800 014 014  www.twintowns.com.au
with special guest Catherine Britt
6275 2700
with special guest Catherine Britt
132 849
with special guest Catherine Britt

For tour information visit: