Monday, 16 May 2011

Miley Cyrus Tour Sydney Australia

Teen singer, Miley Cyrus has sold approximately 70,000 tickets for her concert in just one day. The singer’s promoter confirmed that more dates have been added due to increasing demands for Miley’s extra shows in Australia.

Miley is scheduled to perform in Australia’s Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth from June 21 and her show, “The Gypsy Tour” will be extended until the first week of July.

According to, concert promoter Paul Dainty noted that additional dates have been finalized as a result of increasing demand by Miley’s fans.
“Miley has been a hit at the Australian box office this past week with extra concerts added and all shows close to sold out,” he said according to

Dainty added: “She has an enormous number of fans in Australia and they should look forward to a great concert with an impressive production.”