Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere Sydney

World Cinema Exclusive pre-show footage and behind the scenes footage screened before each and every screening nationally).
Original props from the UK set of Harry Potter (showcased at George Street and Bondi Junction locations as per below dates)

Midnight screenings (between midnight and 6.00pm on Tuesday 13th July/Wednesday 14th July)

Exclusive Harry Potter design 3D Glasses Customers May Purchase for just $4.00 each. Available while stocks last in 3D Cinema locations nationally)

Harry Potter picture fan wall (a photo of wall will allow fans the chance to have their picture taken as a memento –with their own cameras)

Harry Potter Capes (all at the box office and ticket collection staff will be wearing Harry Potter Capes)

Harry Potter footage on Event TV screens (back to back Harry Potter sequences will play throughout the foyer)

Harry Potter Soundtrack (piped through the public areas)

The following locations will reveal POTTER TO THE MAX to audiences from July 13-17, 2011

Castle Hill (NSW
Chermside (QLD)
George St (NSW)
Inaloo (WA)
Marion (SA)
Parramatta (NSW)
Robina (QLD)

At Event Cinemas George Street and Bondi Junction, audiences will have the chance to see Dumbledore’s wand (The Elder Wand) Luna Lovegoods costume, the Ministry of Magic Handbook, the Defense  Against Dark Arts text book, and both of a Dumbledore and Sirus Black Daily Prophet.

The dates for the respective film prop displays are:

George Street Cinemas Monday July 11- Wednesday July 20th 2011
Bondi Junction: Thursday July 21- Monday August 1, 2011