Thursday, 7 July 2011

Interview - Alan Day Four Year Strong, by Music News Australia

Alan Day & Dan O'Connor

Interviewed by: Music News Australia | 7th July 2011

Hi Alan,

How are you all today? Excellent, every thing’s going good.

When and how did you get your start playing music? When I could pick up a guitar, I can remember as far back  I grew up in a house always with music and a loving family, dad played the piano and the guitar, there was always music playing in the house.

What motivates you?
Everything motivates me, waking up in the morning and music.

When might Australians expect a live performance from you? Soundwave revolutions festival, I can’t wait for that, I love Australia and everything about Australia  I can’t wait to get there.

Who are your biggest influences?  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Bon Iver they are a Folk Indie Band anything from the 1990's pop culture.

How did the band come about? When I was  freshman in high school I met Dan through my sister and then we all started to  Jam together including Jake our drummer.

I love your Father’s day song can you tell me a little bit about that? Me and Dan were stuck in a rut in our writing and we said lets write a fucken song,  the song and lyrics just spewed out of us it’s not like our heavy songs it’s a beautiful song it’s a pretty song not so heavy Rock that we normally play, we just had to release to the World,

What is your star sign, and do you and others think that it is the real you? I don’t know (lol)  I think I’m a Virgo and a messy one not organized at all.

What messages do you like to try to convey to your fans? Be yourself – everything could end tomorrow just fucken try to do whatever you want to do that makes you happy and enjoy your own company.

What do you do to relax, other that music? Movies, I love comedy and chick flicks, tones of music doco’s,  I’ve been watching long 8 hours of the Beatles doco’s and Queen,  the Beatles success had a lot of highs and lows a lot of things I can relate to.

What do you think is the strangest or most unique thing about you? I’m a big dreamer and big ideas I have huge goals almost impossible high expectations I believe everything if fucken possible.

What is the strangest or most unique thing about Dan? Omg he is a one of a kind a weird guy a positive outlook on life he is a unique songwriter a really great guy you will ever meet.

It was a pleasure to talk to you today Alan, look forward to seeing you guys play at the Soundwave Revolutions festival.

Thank you for the chat,  I look forward to it.

                  Band Members
Dan O'Connor - vocals, guitars (since 2001)
Alan Day - vocals, guitars (since 2001)
Joe Weiss - bass guitar, backing vocals (since 2004)
Jackson "Jake" Massucco - drums (since 2001)
MONDAY 3 OCTOBER                                    PERTH, SOUNDWAVE REVOLUTION

Sounwave Revolutions:

Bringing a unique blend of brutal breakdowns and soaring choruses, FOUR YEAR STRONG have cut their teeth into the Worcester hardcore scene and thirst for more. Their music incites a riot, leaving crowds blown away, and fired up.
One of music's premier pop punk bands, FYS were formed in Massachusetts in 2001 after O'Conner, Day, and Massucco met through mutual friends. With influences like Lifetime, Saves the Day, Gorilla Biscuits, and New Found Glory, FOUR YEAR STRONG has always strived to create music that they themselves would enjoy as listeners. Their motivation has manifested itself in a fluid mix of everything from punk pop to hardcore to indie rock.
Their distinct sound and incredibly energetic live shows has led to their inclusion on countless national tours and also caught the attention of Fallout Boy's Pete Wentz, who signed FYS to his label Decaydance Records in February 2008. The band's heightened profile hasn't stopped them from working diligently as they continued a hectic touring schedule and with this do-it-yourself determination, FOUR YEAR STRONG do not pretend to be anyone but themselves and have clearly risen above the hype.