Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nicholas Hammond Attends 'The Sound Of Music' 4K Digital Restoration Australian Premiere, Melbourne

Nicholas Hammond (who has the staring role as Friedrich von Trapp in 'The Sound Of Music') attended the first session of the Australian Premiere of 'The Sound Of Music' in 4K digital restoration.

It all took place at Melbourne's The Astor Theatre and he met and mingled with audience members plus participated in a Q&A session.

An American-born Australian actor, Nicholas Hammond's extensive work spans across film, television and theatre. He is best known for his roles as Friedrich von Trapp in 'The Sound Of Music' and as Peter Parker (Spider-Man) on the late '70s television series 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

Nicholas Hammond currently stars in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of 'Queen Lear'.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s wonderful musical classic 'The Sound Of Music' screened for the very first time in Australia on 4K DCP digital format at The Astor Theatre (July 8-14).

Winner of four Academy Awards, 'The Sound Of Music' transcends generations and it is indeed a cause for celebration to see this timeless classic return to the big screen as radiant as the day it was premiered. 

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