Tuesday, 9 October 2012

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment Present: Win A Chance To Open For Everclear!

Winners Announced!

Everclear have announced the winners in each state who have won the golden opportunity to open for Everclear on their Australian tour which kicks off later this week.

Some amazingly talented bands entered the competition. After thousands of votes from all around the country, and then the final selection by Everclear's Art Alexakis himself the winners are:

Cooly Hotel, Coolangatta Wednesday 10th October:
Lilly Rogue

HiFi, Brisbane Thursday 11th October:
Smoking Martha

HiFi, Sydney Friday 12th October:

HiFi, Melbourne Saturday 13th October:
Darcee Fox

Capitol, Perth Sunday 14th of October:
Jake and the Cowboys

These five talented bands will join Perth band Emperors as special guests on Everclear's Australian tour, Melbourne has already sold out and all of the other shows are not far behind! Everclear and KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment offer their congratulations to the winners and thank all the bands from across the country for entering, it was an amazing example of just how kick arse the Australian music scene really is!

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment Present:
Australian Tour 2012

Wednesday 10 October Cooly Hotel. Coolangatta
with Special Guests Emperors and Lilly Rogue
Thursday 11 October HiFi. Brisbane
with Special Guests Emperors and Smoking Martha
Friday 12 October HiFi. Sydney

with Special Guests Emperors and Ashes
Saturday 13 October HiFi. Melbourne (SOLD OUT!)
with Special Guests Emperors and Darcee Fox

Sunday 14 October Capitol. Perth
 with Special Guests Emperors and Jake and The Cowboys