Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Forget Santa Claus and candy canes – come and see how the wogs do it! Bringing their very own version of Christmas cheer back for its third year in Sydney and for a record 12 years in Melbourne, A Very Woggy Xmas Comedy Gala is here again packed full of laughs and political incorrectness at its best.

The third annual A Very Woggy Xmas Comedy Gala hits Sydney next month with extra shows and venues. This stand-up comedy extravaganza boasts a bumper line-up of Australia’s finest ethnic comedians including Joe Avati, fresh off his sell-out Canadian tour; Turkish Australian comedy sensation Tahir, better known to most as ‘Habib’ of Fat Pizza fame; star on the rise Anthony Salame with recent appearances in Housos and From Lebanon with Love; and Gabriel Rossi who created the ‘woggy xmas’ concept way back in 2011 in Melbourne.

A Very Woggy Xmas Comedy Gala hits Melbourne for its 12th straight year in a row for ten massive performances. This show sells out every year and promises to do the same again this year. Joe Avati, Tahir and Gabriel Rossi are along for the ride again with a new list of up-and-coming comedy sensations; John Burgos, Dave Ivkovic, Don Tran and Khaled Khalafalla. It promises to be an amazing array of hilarious multicultural stand-up comedy!

“ Avati takes it (comedy) to new heights with his uncanny ability to continually reinvent the genre.”  Herald Sun, Melbourne

“Tahir is brilliant! Really knows how to work an audience.” Sydney Morning Herald

Anthony Salame is one of the kings of Australian urban comedy.” Adelaide News

Gabriel Rosse is hilarious, poignant, energetic – 5 stars!” Herald Sun, Melbourne

This promises to be the biggest and woggiest Christmas of them all - a show for all ages. Bring the family – all 72 of ‘em!