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Missy Higgins Razzle Dazzle Summer Tour, Sydney, Australia

Missy Higgins Razzle Dazzle Summer Tour, State Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Missy Higgins brings her Razzle Dazzle Summer Tour to Sydney tonight.

The popular singer returned to the biz with 'The Ol' Razzle Dazzle - in June.

Higgins, 29, commenced her latest tour with a stopover in Hobart and did the State Theatre in Sydney tonight, and will also do Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday nights, such is demand, and then its off to Canberra's Royal Theatre on Friday.

Higgin's told News Limited "I'm really excited about this tour. My full band is over from Nashville, I've got two string players and six people on stage with incredible voices. It's going to be the biggest sound I've had live so far."

Higgins has enjoyed rave reviews for her new album after all but giving up on the music biz.

Like many artistic talents, she had a bout with depression, and started to question her abilities as a singer and songwriter. Those questions has certainly been answered.

Higgins lept into the Australian music biz back in 2004 when, at the age of 20, she released her debut album, 'The Sound Of White'.

That resulted in Higgins snatching seven ARIA Awards and a million album sales.

The singer - songwriter was also nominated for a swag of ARIA Awards, the ceremony to be held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 29.

Higgins's told News Limited she is focused primarily on her national tour.

"We'll be doing heaps of new songs that we've never played before, which always keeps us on our toes".

"The theatres we are playing in are some of my favourites in Australia, so it's all perfect. It's such a privilege to have such great support acts too. If my fans haven't seen Gurrumul (Yunupingu) or Emma Louise play live before, they're in for a real treat if they get there early."


In her first new song in five years - "Unashamed Desire" - Missy Higgins defiantly sings "I've got nothing to hide". It's a bold clarion call for where she's at these days. But just a few years ago the acclaimed singer/songwriter was keeping one pretty big secret: "I quit".

After selling million of albums with “The Sound Of White” (2004) and “On A Clear Night” (2007) and touring the world performing her much-loved songs like "Scar", "Steer", "The Special Two" and "Where I Stood" Missy privately made the decision to turn her back on music and do something else.

Jump cut to three years later, and her new album "The Ol' Razzle Dazzle" – which debuted at #1 on the ARIA Album chart - tells the unvarnished story of that journey. While her previous albums leant heavily on her personal relationships, this album delves deep into Missy's relationship with making music. And as the tongue-firmly-in-cheek title implies, it's been a tumultuous affair.

The album’s opening couplet sets the scene around the time she finally finished touring in 2008 ... "I've got a lot to say, I just don't know how to say it". Blocked. Burned out. The album then traces her journey back to music through the pressure of expectations ("Everyone's Waiting"), some dark days ("All In My Head", "Watering Hole"), the loss of a loved one ("Cooling Of The Embers") and ultimately back into "The Sweet Arms Of A Tune". It's an album about a break up and a newfound love but this time the other party isn't a person ... it's music itself.

Ironically the catalyst for bringing her back to music was a one off decision to play a handful of acoustic gigs in America. "I got asked to do 5 shows on the Lilith Fair tour during my Uni holidays in the middle of 2010", says Missy. "I'd always wanted to see that festival as so many of my favourite artists had played on it.” 

Over the months that followed the floodgates opened and the songs poured out again. More than 30 songs in the back half of 2010. And the key collaborators turned out to be in an unlikely place ... Nashville. In keeping with Missy's credo of just doing what felt right she shunned the big name producers who were keen to work with her and teamed up instead with some mates: ex-pat Australian Butterfly Boucher and local engineer/producer Brad Jones (Josh Ritter, Bob Evans).

The next step for Missy Higgins? Returning to the road: “Performing has always been my most favourite part. I’m most excited about playing new songs, that’s the best part of playing live.”

And she’s coming at it fresh and hungry...re-born.

"Soul-baring honesty, razor-sharp songcraft and swooning pop hooks." - Courier Mail

"A brilliant re-entrance...glowing with unself-conscious charm. 4 stars" - Rolling Stone

"Full of brave songwriting & impressive new soundscapes." - West Australian

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