Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Guitarist Dani Macchi (Belladonna) Exclusive Interview

From MySpace to The Grammy's - Dani Macchi (Belladonna) Sheds Light on the "Noir" of Italy

Founder, songwriter and guitarist for Italian rock group Belladona, Dani Macchi chats about how Belladonna went straight from MySpace to being nominated for 2 Grammy Awards, recording with Michael Bolton in England, opening for Nine Inch Nails, Staind, Korn and Duff McKagan, his hit radio show "The Noir Hour" on Italys' biggest rock radio station, working with producer Alex Elena (Bruce Dickinson, Avril Lavigne, Miles Davis) on Belladonna's soon to be released album, and more.

Dani on working with Michael Bolton: "Very few people are aware of my one/off experience with Michael Bolton! I was living in London at the time and Michael Bolton had to do 3 TV appearances to promote one of his albums, and I pre-recorded the backing tracks in a London studio and then appeared on TV with him, where he sang live. A great honor for me, compounded by the fact that Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison was the drummer of those sessions and TV appearances we did."

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