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Fri, 10 May 2013 17:12:31 +1000
Jermaine Jackson is on a mission to find 5 young talented Australians and turn them into a modern day version of the Jackson 5. Jermaine sees the huge gap in today’s market for a musical act that has true all round performers, talent that can sing, dance, and play instruments. “You just don’t see the kind of band or that kind of mania that the Jacksons created any more.” Jackson said.

We need an act that can electrify an audience of any size and bombard the charts with number one songs. It’s not enough to sing or dance or both…you have to blow them away with your performance and the quality of your music. It all has to come together in a perfect performance. That is what causes crowds to go wild and super stars to emerge above the rest.

In a highly interactive format Jermaine will use social media and the website to find, select, train, and mentor 5 lucky Australians to becoming the next big all-round performing band.

In this fresh format Jermaine will use viewers input to help him decide which 5 contestants to take all the way. Jermaine will use viewer tips and suggestions to personally find the right people. Once he has put together the band they will work with him in an intense training program.
Audience participation through social media will influence the decisions Jermaine makes as he creates the final 5 person band.
Once the new band “JJ5” is created, Jermaine will guide them through recording and releasing of their first single and through a series of live performances to prepare to unleash them on a world tour.

As a lead member in one of the most iconic and successful bands of all time Jermaine knows exactly what ingredients are needed to create a worldwid sensation and he is determined to use every bit of his experience, resources, and input from the viewers to make that happen, starting with this show.

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