Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rubber Duck, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia

Rubber DuckRubber DuckRubber DuckRubber DuckRubber DuckRubber Duck

Via Flickr:
One of the quirky highlights of Sydney Festival 2013 will be Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck.

The Rubber Duck - made of a PVC material similar to jumping castles - was constructed in New Zealand by a company that specialises in sewing stadium rooftops and large sails.

He's about 15m high by 15m wide and he's about 18m long," Mr Jessop said of the duck.

It took three people three weeks to sew it - it's about 6km of stitching.

Twenty-five to 30 minutes is all it takes (to inflate), that's using four blowers.

Spectators won't notice it from the shore, but the Rubber Duck, weighing in at 500kg, will be sitting on a 10-tonne barge, hidden by the surface of the water, to ensure it doesn't take flight in the event of high winds.

Just getting the duck into the harbour involves several tug boats, the opening of Pyrmont Bridge, plus a break in the monorail service.