Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Smash Mouth performs at Hard Rock Cafe - Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Smash Mouth performs at Hard Rock Cafe - Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia - 12th March 2013

Visitors to Sydney's Hard Rock Cafe tonight were treated to a cool surprise... the boys from Smash Mouth popped in, and they even performed for patrons and visitors, and of course visited the bar for a drink also.

Special thanks to the media and events unit of Hard Rock Sydney having Music News Australia there to photograph the action.

Rock on, and we will be back at Hard Rock again soon, as they continue to bring in some of the world's top bands and celebs.


Collectively the band Smash Mouth has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Along with their number one hits – Walkinʼ on the Sun and All Star – they have consistently impacted radio with other recognizable hits like Then the Morning Comes, Canʼt Get Enough Of You Baby, and a cover of The Monkees classic Iʼm a Believer, which was prominently featured on the Shrek soundtrack (#4, Billboard Adult Top 40).

A quick listen to their music and you realize the multi-platinum Smash Mouth is a 60s influenced garage band with a keen pop sensibility that maintains a timeless quality, a style they have created and that is all their own.

Having long since established itself as the ultimate true-to-life California party-band the vibe surrounding Smash Mouth is indeed – at its core – about having fun.

“When we play itʼs a nonstop party,” Harwell says.

“The band has grown over the years and has reached a level of maturity and clarity,” according to Harwell. “This is what we do and weʼre going to keep doing it. We can still go out and throw a party every night only now we do it without the hangover the next day.”

“I still firmly believe that music can be the way it used to be,” Harwell adds. “Like Van Halen sang (from the Kinks classic hit) ʻWhere have all the good times gone?ʼ Itʼs like what happened to that? Well, weʼre bringing that back!”

Fans will no doubt have a chance to share “the good times” with Harwell and the rest of his colorful cast of cronies including bassist Paul Delisle, guitarist Greg Camp, keyboardist Michael Klooster, and drummer Randy Cooke, as Smash Mouth traipses across the country from coast to coast. And keep your eyes peeled for a new Smash Mouth album due out in early 2011.

“In addition to the great recordings, you canʼt miss the live show,” states DeLisle, who later declares, “The live show completes the entire package. Recordings are only one part of the whole. This band must be seen to be believed. Itʼs a nonstop party that we put on nightly. If weʼre coming to your town itʼs a party you wonʼt want to miss. Itʼs unique, itʼs ours, we created it and thereʼs no one else like us.”


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