Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brittany Cairns shines on and off stage

Ultra talented singer-songwriter Brittany Cairns continues to climb the ladder of success as she tours Australia, often supporting other artists from 'The Voice' fame such as Adam Martin.

Ms Cairns also continues to gather positive news media attention.

We have learned that Ms Cairns wants to use her gifted voice to be a positive role model for Australia's youth.

In less than a minute of Brittany Cairns' rendition of Sarah Bareilles' 'Gravity' on Channel 9's The Voice's blind audition, Seal 'oohed and aahhed', Joel Madden sat up to attention, Keith Urban leaned forward toward his button, Delta Goodrem closed her eyes in appreciation and the audience cheered.

This was a turning point as the 19-year-old living in the southern suburbs of Sydney tuned into a household name in Australia.

In recent months she's opened up to news media sharing much of her journey for all...

"Before the Voice", I went through a crisis, I didn't know what I was going to do. I remember praying about it and I said, "God if you want me to do something with music, it's got to happen this year".

"In September last year, a friend sent me a link to audition for The Voice. I originally said "No", then a couple of weeks later, I remembered what I'd prayed and I thought "I may as well give it a go". I never expected anything from it, but I knew if I was going to get anywhere it was going to be all God's doing."

The artist is also quite the social media hit having scored in excess of 2,400 'likes' on her Facebook fan page plus 13,720 Twitter followers, Brittany's 'Britter Critters' are nuts for this talent.

When 'The Voice' Australia aired earlier this year, it took down under by the horns, averaging TV ratings of two million.

The Voice saw four legendary recording artists—Seal, Keith Urban, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem—become coaches to the aspiring singers. The show started off with a blind audition, where the coaches listened with their backs turned, so as not to be influenced by appearance. If they really liked what they heard, they hit a big red button, which swivelled their chair and invited the singer onto their 'team'. Each coach had 12 spots.

Favoured by the bookies early on to snatch the comp, Brittany's next peg on The Voice involved battling her new friend, Kelsie Rimmer. This witnessed Keith choosing Brittany to continue on, saying 'goodbye' to Kelsie.

'Kelsie and I were really close,' says Brittany. The pair still communicated and they recently performed an event together. Brittany also regularly chills with Taga Paa from Team Keith and Chris Sebastian from Team Seal.

Brittany has no sour grapes about not making it to 'The Voice' final.

"The improvements I've made in myself—musically and personally—are something I would have never had if I didn't do The Voice,' she reflects. 'I also got a little taste of what I could be doing with my life. Having younger girls Facebook messaging me and tweeting me about stuff is just so what I want to be doing with my life. I feel my calling is to mentor younger girls and that has always been separate to my love for music. Now I can see them working together as one."

Brittany is now focused to 'hone my gifts and do as much as I can with them'. She is still dedicated to her Britter Critters through social media—'I love them and I'm as much a fan of them as they are of me'—and is working hard at developing her career.

"Hopefully I will be releasing an EP at the end of the year," she says. "And while doing that, working on an album of original songs. The Voice was just the beginning."

With positive and talented role models such as Brittany Cairns and Adam Martin, Australia's entertainment industry looks to be in safe hands.

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