Friday, 3 August 2012

Wittsell 3: Using Palettes EP

Wittsell 3 was founded in 2010 and consists of three young gentlemen, who have become known to deliver a new kind of rock-hybrid, full of energy.

The core of the music lies in rock music, but inspiration comes from blues, reggae, and even funk.

With a distorted acoustic 12 string guitar and a greased up wah-pedal there will be no holding back when these gentlemen deliver!

The music has always been based on their ability to simply jam, which they've based their sound on. Funky drums, rooty bass and smart guitar-licks is the main goal, together with a big acceptance in just integrating improvised jams. This combined with an elaborate lyrics and melodic lead singing is coherent holding it together. With this first EP called Using Palettes, Wittsell 3 has the chance to show their potential. But, truth to be told, this is a band who is supposed to be seen live!

Gustav Hallberg - Drums
Per Rosqvist - Bass
Måns Rohde Wittsell - Guitars and Weissborn

Current location Malmö, Sweden
Age 21-22.


Temptations & Salvations

Scumbag Comeback

Using Palettes

The Horse and the Spider


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