Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Australian-born Songwriter Jess McAvoy Launches an IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund her 13th Studio Album, “The Women”

Toronto, Canada, May 7 2013.    As the music industry changes rapidly and demand informs supply, fans play an active role in their favorite artists' next move. With her 13th recording, “The Women,” Jess McAvoy gives crowd-funding backers the opportunity to become part of the recording and production process.

Jess McAvoy will launch an Indie a Go Go campaign on May 7 2013, which will run for 45 days. The campaign aims to fund McAvoy’s thirteenth release on Henduwin Music, her own music label, as she opens up her back catalogue and outs the songs that have been in hiding.

The Women. Twelve songs spanning seven years, capturing aspects of McAvoys relationships with a number of different women. Lovers, friends, and even her mother.

“G’day, My name’s Jess McAvoy. I am from Perth, Western Australia and I currently live in Toronto! I want to talk to you about my new record, The Women, and how [gestures at the viewer] we’re going to make this record together,says McAvoy in the video she filmed for the campaign.

The release of 2008’s “As the Sun Falls” expanded McAvoy’s audience internationally, especially through the spin-off video from her Melbourne concert featuring Grammy Award-winning Wally De Backer (aka Gotye) performing a duet with McAvoy on her classic, “The Sailor.

“The Women and the crowd-funding process will give fans unprecedented access to McAvoy's creative process.

Upon meeting her funding goal, McAvoy will be booked for rehearsals and recording in mid-July in Toronto, mixing with Kevin Killen in New York in the first week of August, with an anticipated release to backers towards the end of August.

Official public release of the record is slated for early October, 2013.

Jess McAvoy Indie Go Go Campaign Launch for “The Women” (slated release October, 2013)